Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mr Pteez Rocks Radio Vice

Although this album was released last year it only came into my radar this past week courtesy of Michaël "Aphasia Records" Brun, whom I'd like to dearly thank for enlightening me to this release.
The Radio Vice album by Mr Pteez is a wonderfully diverse experience in 80s inspired synth music that works like a genuine soundtrack album; structured with set pieces in mind to reflect many moods and ideas.

The opening scenes of this album instantly display that Mr Pteez's understanding of 80s synth music is as sound as it is involving. We're drawn in with totally authentic instrumentations and melodies that speak succinctly and eloquently with a voice of harmonic distinction. Initially pedestrian moods are explored in wonderful detail by the second track "Street Is Watching".  The music is full of crisp production and accented with loving regard to the magic of 80s synth melodies. This track channels the likes of Harold Faltermeyer's synth opus's especially with an uncanny knack of being able to make a piece that is rooted in soundtrack based ambience but also full of exciting melodies which one is instantly hooked on.

Mr Peetz's enjoys flexing his romantic side as well, "Lets Spend Life Together" is a lovingly crafted piece of synth romance that is full of the innocence of a first kiss and at the same time longing for a life time of togetherness. The simplicity of the production is something never to be under appreciated as it allows for a crystalline clarity that feels authentic and spatially balanced. These moods continue into "When Night Falls", which keeps an air of distinction about itself that doesn't take you into dark or sleazy zones, but instead brings the wonder of the night out into the open for us to behold it's magic.

Moving into the realms of adventure we join Mr Pteez in the thrilling "Marathon".  This producer's gift for distilling the essence of a melody into it's base parts and then combining them into their strongest form is consistent throughout the album. The music never seems forced or elongated to pad things out, instead it builds each track with a glowing dexterity that makes the synths really come alive in his hands. The evolution of "Marathon" is the perfect example of this with it's absolutely awe inspiring culmination of glorious sounds.

The pacing continues to ramp up with the high energy action of "Fastlane". I wouldn't call this a strictly OutRun track, although it does have some of the characteristics of the genre, instead this blends hugely atmospheric and deep melodies with fast passed percussion and a flurry of rhythmic accents. The drama is ever present and the combination of sounds amass a desire and need with overriding emotional tones.

"Workout 83" takes energies into the realms of italo flavoured disco, but once again the synths combine emotional chords that strike deeply and are much more substantial than their glossy exterior would have you believe. Mr Pteez just can't help but get emotionally involved in the music and he lays his soul bare in each track. The intimacy is right there in each part of this album which finishes with the synth romance ecstasy of "Last Date".  Rolling waves of synth energy create tidal forces of passion, unable to be controlled as a universal intimacy echoes through each note and chord.

Radio Vice is a perfectly complete experience in what makes 80s inspired synth music so wonderful, it engages deeply and is full of a love and understanding for the classic sounds while remaining honest throughout. I do hope this is the first of many Mr Pteez experiences we get to enjoy, and I'll be ardently following his musical journey.

The Radio Vice album is presented on Mr Pteez's Bandcamp page here at a "name your own price" price point. Be sure to dig deep and pick up this fantastic album and please give this exciting new artist some love on his soundcloud here too.

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