Monday, April 22, 2013

So Real That It's Unreal

The musical deluge of April, 2013 has finally peaked. The epicentre and focusing of all elemental powers has exploded with a force that will be felt for generations to come. The storm of sounds through the month have all been a precursor to a a once-in-a-lifetime event of monumental brilliance.

Today, the 22nd of April 2013 will be remembered as the day the 80s inspired synth scene took it's next evolutionary step. Ushering in a brave new future of music with a bar raised so high the heavens themselves must crane their necks upwards to bear it's witness.

The release of So Real by Silent Gloves featuring Patrick Baker has arrived. A song I originally experienced late 2012 which has affected me deeply and moved me far beyond that which I thought was possible. Upon it's release we all have a chance to make this part of history our own and let it become a part of us forever.

The perfect storm analogy runs deeper than most listeners to this opus will ever know as the story behind it's inception, creation and evolution was something I had the pleasure of experiencing first hand. The magic that occurred that night when the powers of the universe cast a beautiful muse to work her magic between Silent Gloves and Patrick Baker, live on Project Friday sparked a fire that glows with eternal presence and will forever be a torch, held aloft for the heart's of millions.

The song itself is something I'm still, after many, many listens trying to fully absorb. 'So Real' attains a perfection to an 80s inspired synth pop song that is something I'm unable to entirely fathom. Each element I attempt to dissect becomes a universe in itself that defies my understanding, every chord, word and beat  is like a blinding eclipse of brilliance one only retains a ghosted memory of upon further lamentation.

The combination of melody and vocal are inexorably tied together in a melding of emotional dimensions that run as passionate as they run deep. The instrumentations are the essence of everything that makes the 80s so magical, while sounding fresh but even more so, absolutely timeless. The longing emotion of every teenage crush, summer romance and adult love affair has been joined in an embrace that fills the unrequited need with an empathic anthem that will forever endure.

'So Real' is the reason why I listen to music. Purified into four minutes and forty four seconds is every dream, reality and possibility of emotional connection I could have for someone else, and it describes these feelings with an intimacy I hope I one day get to be made so real for myself. But this is what music is all about, it makes us feel something and conveys those deepest of emotions in ways that words fail at alone.

The 'So Real' EP is presented on Rosso Corsa Records Bandcamp page here and comes packaged with remixes from Sim0ne, Miami Nights 1984 and Mitch Murder. This single is not only one of the high points of 2013 but one of the biggest pleasures I've had listening to music, period. This is the definition of a Synthetix Reference Experience and I hope you allow it take you in it's eternal embrace as deeply as possible.

In reverence to this masterpiece this will be the only post on Synthetix.FM this week. Normal programming will continue with the next Weekend Update.

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