Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Moon Regiment Become Interplanetary Explorers

The new releases and new artists keep on rockin on Synthetix.FM this week and today I have the pleasure to share with you a massively epic record from Moon Regiment. This new swedish producer brings a great deal of experimentation to his music through the seventeen (yes, seventeen!) tracks of his new album. Space and time pulse and flow and fold around each other as heavily 80s influenced pieces sit happily next to 90s influenced work as well as more modern sounds and even more retro pieces with 70s disco vibes.

Interplanetary Explorer is a perfectly apt title for this release as the exploration of many musical worlds is experienced first hand by the listener. Moon Regiment tours the universe stopping off on many new worlds and making these experiences a musical diary of new vistas of sound. Through these travels the Moon Regiment sound takes on new shapes and colours while retaining a base level of individualised sounds that permeate through the seventeen tracks.

The Moon Regiment hallmarks are numerous, the sound personality is very futuristic in it's tone, but is rarely cold and obstinate. The driving force in many of the tracks is the bassline though, be it whatever style the bassline is always at the epicentre of the sound's delivery with catchy progressions and invigorating energy. There are numerous pieces on Interplanetary Explorer that distract more than entertain however, with some pieces feeling like they would've been better used on a separate release, especially the more expansive trance like pieces that lack the direction of the more, dare I say, funky compositions.

It's clear that this album is a reflection of an artist trying to find his own sound and using different formats to hone his skills for production and melody and even though some pieces don't quite fit properly the overall experience is still very cohesive in it's final voluminous form. The one thing that's truly recurrent in Interplanetary Explorer is the instruments which all have a spatial aura about them that puts one right there in the inky void of outers space regardless of the style of the track. This is the thread the ties the experiences together which makes the album work in concept.

I can't help but wish for more 80s themed sounds on this record, as is my want, as the vintage skewed pieces, to my ear, are definitely one of Moon Regiment's strong points. For me City Night Pursuit,  College Days, Cime Unit,  Face Away From The Light, Good Day Today, Ship Ride and Thunder In The Sky are the absolute cream of the interplanetary crop. Which really means we have on offer is seven tracks that I personally got a great deal of enjoyment from, and that's well worth it from my perspective.

This being said that absolutely stunning Face Away From The Light and Ship Ride are worth the price of admission alone as both these tunes are beautifully arranged and executed with perfect craftsmanship. The fact the price of admission is free makes this something I believe everyone with an interest in 80s sounds should add to their collection so they can then sort through and find their own favourite interplanetary destinations from Moon Regiments journeys through the musical universe.

With such diversity in this producer's passions I will be looking forward to his next release to find out if he's found a favoured destination in the 80s or whether it was just a stop off in his further adventures in music. Only time will tell, but for now I encourage all Synthetix.FM readers to download the Interplanetary Explorers album linked through the player above and enjoy the universe of aural escapades presented for our delectation, free of charge.

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