Monday, March 11, 2013

Embryonik Falls From The Skies And Then Soars To The Heavens

I must say, as a music lover I greatly enjoy themed or concept albums. I think it goes back to the first time I heard Jeff Wayne's War Of  The Worlds in the late 70s, the idea of music with a story to it was a wonderful spectacle that ignited my imagination on a scale I hadn't previously experienced. Ever since this time I've had an affinity with albums and EP's that tell a story.

80s inspired synth styles seem to lend themselves beautifully to the conceptual dynamic, for it being instrumental, or soundtrack-like or generally enthralling the listener in many different ways and telling its own story. With Embryonik's latest EP; Nightflight the story of something dark and terrifying has been told but with a much more zen like existential approach. The gateway beyond our human
existence into another dimensional plane upon the loss of our mortal shrouds is explored with much fervour by Embryonik and one can't help but be drawn into the experience as well.

The Nightflight experience is twofold. On one level it tells a story of humanity in the face of its own demise completely out of its control and on an another level it takes the acceptance of this as a gateway to life beyond our current definition. The panic and terror of what is to occur makes way to an entirely new brace of emotions that can only be realised once we have fully let go.

'Take Off' begins the journey, the Embryonik Nightflight is introduced by an otherworldly common man who takes us through this final chapter like an electronically constructed Charon, taking us from one plane of existence to another. 'Gliding' really begins the EP with it's energised electro melodies jostling throughout the atmosphere before synths stab their melodies deeply and purposefully. The music builds with precision and occasionally drops away through fits of turbulence and an underlying atmosphere of serenity begins to wash over soundscape. The music does indeed feel like it's flying and each instrument seems to sing in a chorus of uplifting tones.

Once we arrive at 'Vertigo' after 'Prepare For The Afterlife' the hypnotizing rhythms instantly take hold as Embryonik's own brand of electro synth magic begins to fill our senses while all around become chaos. The music has a liquid viscosity to it that seems to move in and out of itself while floating in the face of thousands of g-forces impacting the atmosphere. Melodies take their own collision course with destiny, crashing into the percussive details that pepper the skyline with energy.

The inevitable demise of our human existence is upon us, the music serves as an elegy more than a dirge however, as our minds and souls become free of the earthly vestiges who we once were. The light is brighter than the sun and the pain and panic seem to fade into nothingness as our next evolutionary chapter begins.

"Heaven" is the final destination on Embryonik's Nightflight and as Charon bids us farewell the lights of a new dimension begin to separate from the white void in front of us. The concept of Heaven is explored through very dramatic synth melodies that verge on the edge of epiphany. Arrangements are bright and detailed with a tone of jubilant understanding. The Heaven we create is our own invention, and Embryonik's vision is stunning to behold.

The Nightflight EP expands than doomed seconds of an airplane falling from the sky into three chapter story complete with introductory guidance making for an experience unlike any other thematic experience I've had the pleasure of listening to. It gives purpose to the music which in itself is wonderfully written and performed, marking the next evolutionary step in Embryonik's musical journey very succinctly.

Binalog Productions presents the Nightflight EP by Embryonik on their Bandcamp page here. This EP comes very highly recommended by Synthetix.FM as an escapist piece of existential music writing exploration that captures moments and takes their consequences into directions many of us fear to tread. And instead of horror and darkness we are taken into ethereal worlds of light and comfort.

The power of music can be a wonderful thing indeed.

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