Saturday, March 23, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

The storm of releases keeps building on the horizon as we get closer to the end of March, and already we're feeling the first splashes of rain on our skin before the torrential downpour of music engulfs all in it's path. Let us enjoy this week's Weekend Update with the gentle breeze and mild precipitation before the storm of rockin new releases hits.

Vector Hold keeps on rockin hard and his new track Deep Undercover 1985 is a totally rad Faltermeyer-esque piece of stealthy nocturnal work that is full of danger around every shadowed corner. Be sure to grab a copy of this as it's currently available for FREE download.

Neon Workout is kicking mucho derriere with a new jam called Don't Cry Tonight. This producer varies his styles for nearly each new track but there is always the 80s love hiding beneath the modern veneer. This new track is a superb piece of crossover with a modern arrangement combined with a great deal of 80s love in the melodies. Also available right now for FREE download!

Amazing Police is fast becoming a genuine force to be reckoned with in the 80s inspired synth scene. After the stunning White Tape and Moroder-Einstein Theorem tracks he's now released the jaw-droppingly epic Circa 1984. Beautifully arranged elements and sounds combine in a vista of totally entrancing synth work. Shades of StarDonE are present in the experience too, which only adds to the wonder.

Another producer who's craft is being honed very nicely is Vestron Vulture. His new track, Beach Babes From Beyond, is totally rockin mix of italo and videogame sounds that are full of energy and authentic melodies. Vestron Vulture's sounds are distilling into an individualised mixture of influences
that are really demanding one's attention. Be sure to download it while it's still FREE.

The totally rock hard Betamaxx is releasing a steady stream of radical 80s sounds through 2013 and his new adventure, Maxximum is yet another killer track. I love the energy of this, the synth leads are dazzling in delivery and the percussion is a cacophony of stunning 80s love.

Electric Disection's brand of soundtrack styled synth work is expanding into new colours and shapes with his latest work, the aptly titled, Metamorphosis. The melodies are still of a deliberately paced soundtrack nature but the style has been engineered with a more energetic percussive track. I adore how this piece evolves and forms it's own destiny. Beautiful music, that is currently available for FREE download as well.

Flash Arnold's totally killing it with his marvellously inspired track Dorsia. American Psycho is one of my favourite comedies of all time and whenever samples are used from it I can't help but fall in love with the music as well. Flash Arnold once again proves he's one of the true 'leaders of the new school' with a catchy and perfectly arranged experience in quality 80s sounds.

A short little gem from Mulperi caught my attention this week. Entitled Time, and only shared in a short preview format this track is just stunning in it's staccato timing and synth brilliance. The tones and textures of this track are absolutely rockin to the max, I can't wait for the full version, that's for sure.

Synth terror merchant, Gost, unleashed an amazing new work in the field of dark synth brutality with the enigmatically titled piece 4th. The music is the essence of darkness with a churning bassline and violent orchestral stabs that go straight for the vital organs. Frightening beyond your worst nightmares and terrifying beyond the harshest realities!

Moving into brighter atmospheres is marvellous new track from Droid Bishop titled Galaxy:Unknown.
This composition is full of light and emotion and introspective melodies that ethereally manifest before the listener. Incredibly beautiful in arrangement and execution. Many thanks to Tommy for discovering and sharing this exciting new producer and be sure to grab your own copy of this grandiose work while it's up on soundcloud for FREE download.


Another FREE track to make sure you add to your collection is the new single from Let Em Riot: I Know. Let Em Riot's sounds lean more towards modern arrangements and sounds but a soul of the 80s beats beneath the current trappings. This piece of glossy synth pop is definitely anchored in the 80s and synths work throughout the song majestically.

Alpha Boy has taken off to the stars with his new track Sound Trek. This sci fi flavoured journey adds are wonderful new lustre to the Alpha Boy sound with an undeniable space-disco thematic that is very engaging. I love the aesthetic of this piece and I hope the stars prove to be a  destination in the future for Alpha Boy.

Jaypeau and Toeknee are fast becoming another force to be reckoned with the 80s inspired synth scene. Their amazing track Thrasher has a new companion with Blood Drops. There's a great deal going on with this track that comes out over multiple listens. The arrangements are packed with details and nuances that create a crescendo of uplifting magic. I predict that 2013 is going to be a monster year for these guys.

On the cusp of releasing his massively promising new High Fidelity EP in April, Tommy has shared a stand alone track in preparation. Odyssée is a smoothly entrancing ambient work that bends and morphs with a light and colour all it's own. Beautiful in melody and languid in pace the music's skewed pitch is as inquisitive as it is engaging. Also currently available for FREE download, so grab it while you can.

That wraps it up for another rockin Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I look forward to spending more quality time with you next week as we explore more of the wonderful music in the 80s inspired synth scene. 'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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