Monday, March 25, 2013

Future City Records Compilation Volume II

The ever radical Future City Records have just released the first big time compilation for 2013 with their sequel to last years compilation release. Volume II is another wonderful excursion through the label's stable of quality 80s inspired synth producers and is full of exclusive gems and kick arse tunes.

All the big guns of FCR are in effect with family favourites like Starforce, Mega Drive, Vincenzo Salvia  and Aminova intercut with a weave of new and burgeoning talent. The spectrum presented is vast, with many of the 80s synth sub genres represented but the most awesome aspect of this compilation is the incredible quality of each track in itself.

FCR have assembled and incredible diversity of sounds and when experienced in this kind of format it's totally mind blowing. As mentioned, there are lots of established rockers on here, but it's also the new talents FCR has acquired that add even more dimension to the experience. Shio-Z and Thunderclaw are  reasonably new label mates as far as I know and their individualised soundscapes add a great deal energetic elements. The tracks from Cell Molecule and Laserspek just up the ante even further with sounds that I'm very interested in exploring more of in the future.

It's not until you really sit down and enjoy this compilation that you realise how much raw talent is in the FCR armoury. Throughout this new release one is constantly reminded of the magic in the music, from the down beat rockin of Andy Fink's Vice Love to the stunning work of Peter Robinson. From the wonderfully rich Alloapm experience to the smooth nocturnal jazz of Viks Lander's synthscapades and from Astral Runner's machine driven synth pop to Arc Neon's explosive soundtrack dramatics.

This compilation comes very highly recommended by Synthetix.FM and is really a must-have for anyone who really wants to experience a glistening cross section of what the 80s inspired synth scene is currently producing. Be sure to grab your copy from Future City Records Bandcamp page here then sit back, relax and allow the Future City experience to guide you through the many moods and facets of quality synth music.

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