Saturday, March 16, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Another week in the 80s inspired synth scene has come and gone and there's been some totally rockin new tunes surfacing. Also, on the horizon, a storm is brewing. I can feel a great power in the distance as new release after new release gets announced, all with the end of the month as their window of being unleashed. I foresee a perfect storm of 80s inspired synth music rain down from the heavens soon and Synthetix.FM will be there to make sure you've got some shelter when all else becomes chaos.

For now, lets get rockin with the most arse kicking new tunes in the Synthetix Weekend Update.

First off, we have the triumphant return of Adeyhawke after his absence for six months. This new track, Storm Runner, is a powerful mix of old and new with some high energy glitch work. The rawness of this piece is contrasted by the luscious 80s synths making for a totally rad combination of modern and classic sounds.

Some rockin new talent in the form of Qback came into view this week with his delightful Kimelops track. This smooth piece of dreamy synth love is kept clean and uncomplicated but still builds very nicely. The main synth lead that runs through the back half is totally rockin. Here's hoping to more Qback action in the future. Grab this while it's up for FREE download while you can.

Highway Superstar keeps on bringing out the big guns with every new track and he's really outdone himself on his new experience Boardwalk Sunset. Tropical heat and scintillating synths are the order of the day as bass lines roll with breakers and synths meet the setting sun with the rising moon. Totally magical.

Taking the night to levels of dramatic action is the Laurence McFunk venture: What Do You Do In Chinatown. The sounds are crisp and detailed while arrangements are maximised for danger and excitement. This feels like a soundtrack to some kind of mix of Big Trouble In Little China and Double Dragon, which is definitely a recipe rockin' good times. Download it for FREE while you can!

Out now on Mullet Records is a totally killer new two track EP from Casio Social Club called Little Luv. This is some exceptionally funky 80s synth magic right here with a few little modern touches and classic samples worked in for good measure. Both mixes Little Luv rock super hard with 80s love colouring the soundscape in a rainbow of neon.

Something spectacular from Mootbooxle was released this week with his stunning Main Title from Serrated Blade 2: Slice Of Death. This is some prime grade Ninja Synth with totally rockin guitars and suspenseful arrangements engineered for maximum atmosphere. I absolutely love how this piece evolves and hope it's the first of many using this theme. Download this track fro FREE while can and thanks very much to Kevin Funderburk for the heads up this track.

Garth Knight continues his sweaty and torrid love affair with 80s funk with his latest sordid escapade Lost In The Music. This is positively dripping with aural sexuality and raw animal power. Garth's really  nailing this style of late and each new funk experience adds even more delectable nuances to the music.

Final DJs and Gin Joints have joined forces for the new City Nights EP. The minimix preview released this week is full of wonderful sounds and classic Final DJs' arrangements. As with all Final DJs music there's a nice balance of 80s and modern sounds, but there are definitely some much more 80s sounding pieces on here than others from what this minimix delivers. The EP is due out on the 26th of March, right in the eye of the storm!

The always enthralling Betamaxx released another gem of total rockin 80s gold under the title of Nights Like This. The energy of this song is just so magical, the sounds traverse the spectrum of 80s influences while still keeping the piece on the rails, all be it at full speed around the dangerous curves of mountainous synthscapes. Betamaxx's sounds are really evolving beautifully and this song is definitely up there with the best of his work.

Another composer whom is always upping the ante is Action Jackson. His wonderful track called Start is an absolutely stunning piece of melodic synth love that is full of emotion and delivered with stupendous drama. I love the tones and textures of this piece, it really typifies Action Jackson's melody style and layering.

Lastly for this week's Weekend Update we have promising new preview for the new Make Up And Vanity Set record. Due out on the 28th of March this new record should prove very entertaining. I was a massive fan of their work released last year and although the previews for this new release haven't grabbed me as yet I can't help but feel huge levels of excitement for this new release. The preview video is sure to give everyone Make Up And Vanity Set fever for sure. We haven't got long to wait!

Makeup and Vanity Set "7.25.2148" Teaser from Telefuture on Vimeo.

That does us for another week of good times and great rock'n'roll on Synthetix.FM, I'll be back soon with more hot music from the 80s inspired synth scene imminently.
'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin!

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