Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekend Update Blockbuster Part 1

As there's been so much beautiful music released in my absence I'm doing a two part Weekend Update to get things to where they should be. Coming up next week is a bunch of great new sounds too and coming up to the beginning of February there'll be even more surprises on Synthetix.

Let's hit the turbos and go straight into high gear with part 1 of the blockbuster Weekend Update on Synthetix!

Saint Remy's new song Opportunity Makes Ur Future has a production unlike almost anything else, the spatial nature of the sounds is contrasted by chemically sharpened knife edge vocals and crisply bright percussion is very engaging. The chaotic nature of this experience and it's underlying messages make this a total powerhouse of sound.

Eschewing the agressiveness of Saint Remy we have a beautifully sedate new experience in soundtrack synth from Mulperi. His Hero (Instrumental) is a languidly relaxing piece of green and blue coloured atmosphere. Pan flutes bring in even more of a calming enviorn while the delicate synth leads are balanced delightfully with the emotive saxophone. Majestically arranged music that definitely works perfectly as an instrumental.

Arc Neon's new concept EP has been taking form with a couple of new pieces from the experience shared recentyl. The Le Porte Dell'Inferno EP is taking shape as a dark soundtrack synth excursion, there's a definite air of dread in both tracks currently available, but the final form of this nightmare is currently devoid of a release date. Let's hope the demons don't take Arc Neon before the work is completed!

A new track from Miles Prower really caught my attention recently. Although specified as Eletro House, and the first part of the experience is most certainly coloured with much modernity, there's a dominant 80s spirit the soars through the soundscape and takes on a truly retro vibe. It ends up being a very clean mix of old and new that is beautiful in execution and arrangement. I'm looking forward to hearing more from this twin-tailed devotee of quality synth sounds.

Another recent discovery is PowercuT. This rocker is creating some massively kick arse sounds on his soundcloud, I'm not sure sure how much is original work and how much is sample loops but to be honest I don't think it matters when the tunes are so rock hard. I'm reminded a little of Vektroid and Laserdisc Visions, with a bit of Camille R throughout his music, which is most definitely a good thing. Give PowercuT's other tracks a listen and feel the love.

Jowie Schulner's certainly going back to his love of 80s synth in his recent track, which will always bring rapturous applause from yours truly. His latest labour of love, Road To Happiness, is another magically woven structure of soaring synths and emotional melodies. This producer is building up a substantial amount of similarly themed tunes, so let hope a release is impending.

Although not set to be released any time soon, I really wanted to give some love to Kenj Run's latest track Midnight Kiss. I've loved the evolution of Kenji Run's sound over 2012 and this track is yet another step in the Kenji Run journey. A more modern arrangement belies beautfiully executed 80s synth sounds the feel like they're eminating from the heavens themselves. Even in this demo form it's well worth downloading, just in case we don't get another chance to visit Midnight Kiss in the future.

Denovomutans has unleashed some of the blackest dark synth I've had the terror of experiencing with his amazing new track Wasteland. Every sound feels like it's either on fire, or is a charred remnant recently extinguished but still able to burn with much ferocity. The Wasteland becomes almost industrialized as it takes on new forms, but beneath it's pounding black heart the soul of classic 80s synth terror remains it's driving force. Download it if you DARE!

Our final piece of part one of this Blockbuster Weekend Update is a teaser video for the new release from Collins. Due out on Telefuture Records in the coming weeks, Animal Magnetism promises to be another kick arse release from this dark electro synth pop producer. Synthetix is champing at the bit to explore the dark but sweetly perfumed back alley ways of Collins' musical world.

Collins "Animal Magnetism" Teaser from Telefuture on Vimeo.

I'll be back tomorrow with the second part of the Blockbuster Weekend Update, so keep on rockin and keep the 80s dream alive!

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