Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cougar Synth Roars From The Mountain Tops

The scene keeps on growing like a colourful and wild garden and new producers of quality 80s inspired synth music keep cropping up bearing their delectable fruits with seasonal regularity. Courtesy of soundcloud compatrtiot B3nniMushu I'm pleased to share with you the synthscapes of Cougar Synth. This producer's has only been making his 80s dreams public on soundcloud for a few weeks but his repertoire is already home to a delightful range of quality tracks.

His newest release, Retrace, is purely golden synth romance in a similiar tone to LA Dreams and the legendary MPM. This piece is not just homage though, there is a sublime layer of minimalism to the sounds that allows the slightest inflection of the keyboards to be felt deeply. It's the touch of emotion that is felt throughout this journey, the slow synth lead that permeates throughout the experience is warm, genuine and like the touch of a loved it one lingers long after parting.

Another interesting piece on Cougar Synth's soundcloud is Anything Now. This composition is a very interesting mix of synth loops and emotive melodies which at first seem at odds with eachother, but somehow end up making sense during the course of the experience. The strong main melody feels like it's fighting against the loops, struggling to succeed, to let it's voice be heard above the automaton like regimentality of the looped sounds. This makes for a jubilant experience as the track battles within itself but it's truncated ending makes the experience just a bit incomplete.

It's very apparent in listening to Cougar Synth's music that he's just beginning his musical journey into the past but there's a great deal of promising sounds, ideas and emotions punctuated throughout the four tracks currently on his soundcloud. I encourage all fans of 80s inspired synth sounds to give him so love on his soundcloud here and lets all look forward to sharing more experiences from this totally rockin new talent.

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