Friday, January 11, 2013

Synthetix Is Back! Let's Rock 2013!

Synthetix is back! After a luxuriously relaxing break I'm back in action with the 80s soundtrack to your modern life. Over the break the music did not stop a rockin with some big releases and kick arse singles to wind up 2012. I'll be covering a number of these over the next week, but as a bit of  kickstart to the heart for 2013 I've included much of the most inspiring tunes  in the first Synthetix Mixtape for 2013.

This mixtape contains gems from a whole mess of talented produers, both new and established, in the scene. We've got a selection from the phenomonal new Lost Years record in there as well as a few favourites I fell in love with towards the end of 2012 but wanted to give them some more love for good measure. There's totally kick arse new tunes from C-60, Photosynthesi, Box Of Wolves and the irrepressible Flash Arnold too. It's a mixtape to start your 2013 rockin in all the right directions, so without any further delay, get your mind tuned back to the greatest decade of all and drink in the sumptuous synthualised sounds as deeply as you dare.

Side A:

1, Miami Lights - Scream&Dive
2, Wreckage Of 2085 - Cosmic Sand
3, Ventura - Vestron Vulture
4, Union - Box Of Wolves
5, Wipeout - C-60
6, West Side Lane - Lost Years
7, Volcanic Machinery - Dynatron & Perturbator
8, Des Jeunes Dans Le Vent - Plaisance
9, Electro Clash - Lost Years
10, High Class - Rain Sword
11, This Is It - Flash Arnold
12, Latin For Volcano - Python Blue
13, Time Jump - Flash Arnold

Side B:

1, Black Road - Pyramid
2, This Last Dance - Chaconne
3, Beneath The Surface - Lost Years
4, Valerie - Vincenzo Salvia
5, White - Photosynthesi
6, The Funk - Lost Years
7, Lost In Nevada - Cosmic Sand
8, OutRun This! - Arcade High
9, Incognito - Vector Hold
10, One Way Test Drive - C-60
11, Flash Workout - Flash Arnold
12, This String Of Pearls - LA Dreams

Always remember, the Synthetix Mixtapes are only up for a few weeks before I replace them with new ones, so get em down and recorded to cassette asap!

Synthetix will be back with a double barrelled Weekend Update, the first shot goes off  tomorrow followed by part two the following  day. This will be a huge weekend full of totally k-rad new music so make sure you're rockin on Synthetix, the premier internet channel for kick arse 80s inspired synth music.

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