Monday, January 14, 2013

20/80s With Lost Years

Lost Years is one of the most enigmatic producers of 80s inspired synth music and his way of releasing his creations ot the public is one of my favourites. For those following Lost Years on soundcloud you know the red-letter-day feeling when a new or update version of one of this producer's tracks pops up in your incoming music.

From these initial versions the tracks evolve and grow towards their full potential through their existence on soundcloud. They take on new colours and shapes and grow before our very ears. I remember the prelude to last year's  Nuclear EP, it was orchestrated to perfection as each track had it's own individual life and then was unleashed with megaton force in the full EP.

This brings us to Lost Years' full length release to round out 2012, the aurally stunning Black Waves. This feels like a year's worth of Lost Years magic all in one time capsule. Familiar and new tracks now get their place in the annals of music history and stand shoulder to shoulder in what could be best described as a monumentally huge experience. From the italo synth Lost Years incoporated into his sound mid year, to the total synth action drama that defines the Nuclear EP we get an expansive range of meticulously created musical journeys.

Releasing this album at the end of 2012 was a bit of a masterstroke also as it feels like I'm looking back and revisiting the 80s as experienced by Lost Years for that twelve month period. Theres's a reflective nature to the mellower pieces that tie the many moods of the year into a musical clipshow of where I was in 2012 and what was going on. For new fans of Lost Years you'll still find the magic even if you weren't following the progress of his music first hand as the album's narrative is clear, precise and wonderfully entertaining.

To celebrate this totally rockin release I've had to fortune to get Lost Years to give us his 20/80s as the first one for 2013. The Black Waves album is available through Rosso Corsa Records on their Bandcamp here and is most definitely a Synthetix Reference Experience.

So let us allow Lost Years to take us back to the glorious 80s with Black Waves and his 20/80s right now on Synthetix!

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  1. Great sounds..... and I agree with quite a few answers above! :o)