Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vincenzo Salvia & Peter Robinson Return To Mars

A new single, on most occassions is kept to the Weekend Update posts, but on the odd occassion a single release becomes deserving of it's own place in the weekday posts on Synthetix. This week saw the release of another collaboration this time between Vincenzo Salvia and Peter Robinson. Their combined efforts have resulted in the Return To The Red Planet single which provides some absolutely stunning off-world synth entertainment.

Both composers feel at home in their space travel to Mars, their styles seem to be completely complimentary throughout the journey. The sparkling synths have a beautifully weighted body to them in the zero gravity atmosphere, rising and falling on undulating waves through the starscape. Theres an atmosphere of complete epiphany in the production, triumphant arrangements are full of hope and devoid of any possible danger on the long journey to the red planet.

The nuances of the experience really come out upon multiple listens. The main melody is the focus on the first time through, but when enjoyed multiple times the huge amount of other details begin falling like stars, leaving glittering trails behind them as the soundscape seems to draw back and reveal even more of it's cosmic wonders. The end result is fascinating and wholly engaging in it's traversing the void of space and bringing to light a new hope for a new future on a new planet.

Future City Records presents the Return To Mars single release on their Bandcamp page here and I encourage everyone who looks to the heavens for guidance, hope or love to take home a copy today.

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