Saturday, December 8, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

Welcome to the final regular Weekend Update for 2012 on Synthetix. Next weekend will be something special for the year's end on Synthetix with a countdown of the most rockin tracks of the year in the Synthetix Top Tens of 2012 extravaganza! It's been a stunning year of 80s inspired synth music and I can't wait to share my favourite experiences from the past twelve months with you next week.

First up we have a new Two Worlds EP release from Nathan Swiss. This EP is a combination of new and old sounds, as it's name would suggest, and the 80s inpired track New Wave is a really lovely example of this producer's penchant for 80s sounds. The EP contains four originals and a quality Final DJs remix of the titles track. Pick up this rockin EP on iTunes here right now.

Evanton keeps on rockin and bringing back killer vintage experiences in electro italo. Their latest track Hot Leather is yet another piece of high energy disco with an eletro soul working beautifully throughout. Evanton keep on brining the hits and it's a pleasure to enjoy such consistently rockin tunes.

With our energy levels set to dangerous levels already it's time to tempt fate and raise them even higher with the electrifying new track from Garth Knight: Flux Capacitor. Garth Knight's been one of my favourite new artists on the scene this year and his music continues to inspire and deliver thrills and spills and disco chills.

Dialling things down a few notches, Noir Deco's recent work has been going down a beautifully ambient and atmospheric path. His soundtrack style pieces really developing a magnificent maleficence with deeply emotive arrangements. The Dark Passenger personifies this perfectly.

Lightening the mood with some sensually sexy funk synth gold is the new SaiR track Mornings. An absolutely gorgeous vista of 80s sounds and arrangements beckon and entrance the listener with a varied instrumentations and precision arrangements. Totally rockin.

Someone who's just entered the Synthetix community is an artist currently working under the name C-60. This producer is by no means new to the 80s revival however as his ambient and soundtrack styled synth works under other pseudonyms (much of which can be found here). With his C-60 identity he's now upping the 80s ante even further and this new track, Night Cruiser, is a stellar re-genesis for this producer's sound and an absoloutly beautifully arranged experience.

Lost Years keeps on rockin hard and the first version of his new adventure is a more brillance from this always impressive producer. Converter has some of his best ever perscussive flourishes combined with a massively hooky melody. As with most Lost Years tracks I'll be looking forward to the evolution of Converter as Lost Years expands upon this already marvellous tune.

My hands-down favourite producer of 2012 has been LA Dreams. EVERYthing this artists creates has a soul of pure 80s majesty. He has a new release in the offing called Belladonna and the first track from it is String Of Pearls. This is yet another piece stunning synth romance from the modern day master of the genre.

And speaking of modern day masters of 80s inspired synth music we have a fantastic new release from Mitch Murder out now on Bandcamp which serves as a 2012 Yearbook for this producers smaller, but no less significant works released throughout this past year plus a bunch of other gems and rockin remixes. "Selection One" allows us to add many of his previously unreleased killer cuts from 2012 to our music libraries, this is available now for 'name your own price' on Mitch's Bandcamp  here. As an extra rockin bonus to this release Mitch has reenvisaged the classic theme to the original Terminator which results a totally kick arse experience.

Returning back to the synth in glorious fashion is Rain Sword with his ultra magical new track High Class. I adore this artist's melodies, they always sound and feel so authentic and High Class is testament to the radness of Rain Sword's muse. Rock it hard and loud!

Our final piece of regular Weekend Update programming for 2012 is a spectacular cover of Rocking And Loving from the always entrancing Kristine. This seems like the perfect festive holiday tune to keep the cold and bay and the warmth in everlasting 80s glow.

I hope the weekend is full of good times and great rock'n'roll for you and that this Weekend Update has added some 80s magic to it. I'll be back with more hot rockin action next week on Synthetix, till then keep on rockin and stay 80s!

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