Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Midweek Triple EP Meltdown!

To mark the release of such a killer bunch of EPs this week I bring you the first (and probably not the last!) Midweek Meltdown. An overdose of totally rad music to blast your hump-day woes into oblivion and keep the energy rockin copious amounts of 80s love.

Strap yourself in and get ready for adventure!

Greetings Program - Self Titled EP

First up is the debut self-titled EP from the ever rockin Greetings Program. This American producer has been honing and refining his sounds over this past year and has seen fit to release this year's accomplishments in one five track EP. I've been a fan of his covers and original work as it's been released over the 2012 but to get these tunes arranged in this format makes everything all brand new and well worthy of your attention.

Greetings Program's sounds skip between numerous synth genres, dabbling in synth romance, electro sounds and some emotive soundtracks style works, but they always come across as comepletely authentic. His studying of classic 80s TV show themes and understanding of classic arrangements shines through on every track of this EP. The elements have a great minimalist nature to them, even with lots of layers going on, the sounds remain bright and uncomplicated, which is another great hallmark of 80s production homage.

Each part of the EP feels like a complete chapter in it's delivery and content. The seeds of the ideas are sewn and then are allowed to grow, and eventually bloom as individuals. For a new producer, I feel his grasp on all the classic genres is strong and passionate, the depth of this can be felt in his track MX16923. This is a glorious piece of existential soundtrack work that sparkles with an ambient beauty that evolves before our very eyes.

These more dramatic emotions are continued through Reindeer Flotilla which is a powerhouse of action, containing an amazing refrain that continues to dazzle throughout the piece. Working through the track are sumptuous layers of synth sounds that elevate this main melody even further resulting in a stunningly triumphant experience. Sea Of Simulation finishes the EP out in a smooth style that brings to mind glittering mediterranean coastlines, awash with luxury yachts, flowing champagne and all the other enticing accoutrements that let one's imagination drift into an 80s haze.

This excellent EP is packed with beautiful 80s synth sounds and is available now for FREE download on Greetings Program's soundcloud through the player above.

Vincenzo Salvia​ - ​Nostalgia EP

The new leader of the 80s inspired synth scene in Italy has released a brand new three track EP appropriately entitled Nostalgia. Vincenzo Salvia goes from strength to strength with each new release and his latest EP explores new destinations for this exciting producer and expands his musical horizons a great deal.

Opening up with As The Raindrops Fall it becomes apparent that Vincenzo has foregone his usual italo disco inspired affairs and ventured into a new realm of deeper and more dramatic climes. Sounds are multidimensional, but remaining wistful and delicate. The emotions are melodically caressed with a gentle touch that runs very deep. There's a hint of melancholy throughout this piece, but there is also a reverance and reflective brilliance to each part. Beautiful, moving music is the end result.

Detouring even further from his comfort zone is Night Signs. This direction is even more exciting as off time percussion emphasises the jubilant synth melodies. The overall sounds takes on a wonderful new colour that bounces and rises with determination and an air of magical victory. As Night Signs completes it's winning ways the final track rises like a new moon in the night sky.

Eyes In The Mirror feels like the final part of this, experience, almost as it this EP was written as one track and then divided by the hand of the composer. This track recounts and revisits the moods of the previous two chapters absolutely flawlessly. It's like the final movement of a classical suite that completes the intended story with a veritable conclusion. The music soars through previous elements while adding it's own flavour to the proceedings and is the perfect finish to a wonderfully entertaining EP.

The Nostalgia EP is presented by Future City Records on their Bandcamp site here for the bargain basement price of $2.99.

Plaisance - Optimist EP

To complete the trio of EP's in this inaugral Midweek Meltdown we have another stellar excursion from Plaisance with his Optimist EP. This is the final part of his oceanic themed releases and he uses these three tracks to take the listener out into the deep blue one last time.

I must say, I'm a really big fan of the Plaisance sound. It's something that I instantly fell in love with and the Optimist EP continues this. The italo disco naivete of early releases returns in earnest with an unbridled positivity. The beats pound away to light and uplifting melodies that virtually burst into fireworks of incandescent beauty. The opening track, Opti, personifies the Plaisance attitude and sound perfectly, making the listener smile instantly and feel the warmth of the sun with the seabreeze throughout every second.

Things wind down to a slow cruise in the second piece: Mist. The golden tones of saxophonic sultriness wash over the scene with a languidly graceful gait, instantly taking our night boat ride through the sea mists, where the smooth swell of the waves beneath us cause our minds and emotions to sway like aquatic entities in the star lit bay. This is definitely Plaisance's sexiest experience yet, and is a style I hope he revisits in his upcoming musical adventures . The final piece of Optimist is Des Jeunes Dans Le Vent, which takes us back out into the ocean on a bright sun filled day in our pleasure cruiser with action and romance on our minds once again. The energy is somewhat restrained but is no less invigorating with a dancing xylophone melody and the always welcome return of Plaisance's rockin saxophone.

With the oceanic adventures now completed I can but wonder where Plaisance will take us next, but it's sure to be exciting and I'll be fondly remembering our times we've had out in the seas of excitement and tranquility in 2012. The Optimist EP is available for free download on Plaisance's Bandcamp page here and be sure to pick up his other nautically themed releases while you're there if you haven't already.

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