Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ruminate On Room8

Something spectacular is happening. Something special is going to occur in 2013 and I for one can't wait for it. This event is the release of Room8's full length album Transduction. I've been saying for years that new synth producers should be touring around doing live shows with the original 80s bands that are still rocking the scene, but Room8 has taken this one step further and combined the talents of old and new into a superproject that has my appetite well and truly whetted for more.

Their press release reads like a wishlist that couldn't possibly happen in reality, but it isn't a dream, it's an actuality that is something everyone should be getting massively excited about:

"ROOM8 "Transduction" is a crossroads on the electronic highway. An audio film that takes place in a musical past, present, and future. The brain child of Ezra Reich and Nic Johns, "Transduction" features Electric Youth (from the neon noir hit "Drive"), Martha Davis (leader of classic New Wave icons, The Motels), the sax work of Ian Young from M83, guitar work from Giorgio Moroder arranger and guitar player and famed producer, Richie Zito, mixed with Gavin Mackillop (Human League, General Public, Heaven 17) and Mastered at Little Red Book in LA. With artwork by the legendary art collective, The Zonders. Step into the world of ROOM8's "Transduction"."

This combination of creative minds has already beared fruit in these tracks. The classic sounds and arrangements we love, breathed new life into, taking them to a new dimension that transgresses time and becomes a timeless entity unto itself. The soul of the 80s is burning strong and true in these musical experiences which sets the bar for the album to a very high standard from the outset.

Room8 is something Synthetix is getting behind 1000% and I will be ardently awaiting the release of Transduction in 2013. Till then, enjoy the appetizers on their soundcloud here and give them lots of love and support on their Facebook page here.

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