Saturday, December 1, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's Weekend Update Time on Synthetix! This will be the second last traditional Weekend Update for 2012 but the Weekend Update that would normally be posted the week after next will be replaced with the Synthetix Best Of 2012. This will be the last post on here for 2012 and will be my personal Top Tens in all the 80s inspired synth genres. 2012 continues to be the best year thus far for the 80s revival in synth music, so without any further delay lets get rockin Weekend Update style!

We've had some excellent homages over the last month or so to classic 80s cartoons and 1985 continues the love with his fantasy creation inspired by Silverhawks. Super catchy with lots of great samples this is absolutely tons of fun.

80s Stallone has continued his monstrously high work rate through 2012 and released yet another killer piece of atmospheric synth pop. Expanding upon the vocal work in his recent full length album, Hotline, Ducati is sublime in it's mood and delivery. The minimalistic soundscape is beautifully engineered for maximum emotion.

A new experience in the magic of Pilotpriest came out this week under the dangerous title Switchblade. The style of this artist continues to evolve, Switchblade provides a more haunting, but less ambient adventure that takes his sounds into exciting new directions.

Smoothing the surface to a glassy chrome reflection is Mitch Murder's new track Nocturne. Taking a much more languid and relaxed energy Nocturne is beautiful to behold. This has a vast spatial quality and is hypnoticly arranged. This style is a side to Mitch Murder I most definitely enjoy immensely.

Kenji Run! continues to be one of my favourite new producers of 2012. His sounds always seem to try and push new directions and expand his horizons. Submarine does this beautifully with a supremely catchy melody combined with an even catchier vocal refrain. Totally killer work throughout.

Box Of Wolves are back with their great mix of modern and classic sounds in the song No Kisses. The staccato arrangement throughout this piece is full of swirling synth energy, creating an atmosphere all it's own. No Kisses is a massively engaging track that grabs you and never lets go.

A great new piece of high energy action soundtrack synth was unleashed by Python Blue this week that totally rocks. 'What Is Love?' is full of pounding beats, mesmerizing synths and drama that balances on the blade of a knife. Superbly arranged for maximum tension and extended car chase scenes.

Someone doing thrilling new experiences in the world of 80s inspired synth is Chaconne.  His track from a few months back (Romance and Revolution) is absolutely stunning and his new work Fighting is Finished is another digital feather in his neon cap. Moody and epic combining many classic sounds and showing Chaconne is definitely an artist Synthetix will be paying very close attention to in the future. 

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix and I look forward to sharing more experiences from the 80s synth zone next week. Till then, stay 80s and keep on rockin!

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