Monday, December 3, 2012

20/80s With Alpha Boy

It's been a massive year for Alpha Boy. The Follow Me EP from February opened up 2012 and through the next ten months released three (yes THREE) full length albums. April's Blockbuster album was followed by Heroes On Tape in September and then followed up by The Streets Are Hot in October. With all this product it's ironic that 2012 finishes with a single release from Alpha Boy that is by far the most earth shattering.

Alpha Boy realised one of his dreams as an 80s inspired synth composer by making a collaboration happen between himself and one of his 80s synth idols. This composer, Jan-Friedrich Conrad, was responsible from much of the music in the european versions of TV shows and movies like Knight Rider, Airwolf, Nightmare On Elm St and The A Team. The two producers began work on a collaborative track entitled Obsidian. Over Obsidian's near six and a half minutes we are exposed to a combining of two great talents resulting in experience unlike anything else.

The 80s feelings and emotions are strong throughout this beautiful piece of music and it's a testament to both producers' creative spirits to distill both their synth-esssences into a marvellously vivid experience.

To celebrate this landmark work this week's 20/80s has been provided by Alpha Boy himself and we can only hope for more rockin' good times with him in 2013.

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