Saturday, November 10, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

As we move closer towards the end of the 2012 I'm beginning to try to forumulate my Top 10 of 2012. There has been a lot of truly beautiful music this year to draw from, but with each progressive week the list keeps getting longer. As evidenced in this week's Weekend Update: the music just doesn't stop rockin!

First up is the always inspiring 80s Stallone. His new single Page Me is a killer italo adventure, full of hi energy percussion and bounding synths. Yet another track where the hi-hats absolutely make the experience.

Spacious Sweep is back with a stunning new track Pankala. This is a most certainly spacious piece with much lightness and brightness. The slowly evolving melodies are a beautiful to behold, moving with a freeform airiness that is full of wonder.

The highlight from LA Dreams this week comes in the form of Masters Of Skylight. Taking his sounds in a slightly new direction that feels a tad more soundtrack oriented than his hallmark synth romance style. The guitars are a perfect accompaniment to the sweet synths, a trend I hope he continues with.

Kenji Run! blasted back onto the scene this week with no less than three new tracks, my favourite of which is a demo of I Regret. This giallo disco themed affair is dark and brooding but full of synth energy with a driving drum track that gives the atmosphere an air of panic. A fortuitous return for Kenji Run! indeed.

Sgreyes is becoming a force to be reckoned with, I believe this was originally planned to be a side project from Quasars, but is now becoming very prolific and establishing his own sound. The promo cut of Miami Heat is smoother than silk and hotter than Mercury, a steaming erotisynth slice of forbidden heaven.

A new artist discovered through the Synthetix community this week was Cosmic Sand. His track Wreckage of 2085 of his EP Route 375 is a delectable portion of synthesized 80s love. The EP is definitely worth spending some time with. A producer I'll be definitely keeping tabs on.

A new impending release from the Electronic Rumors stable has been another gem this week. Let Em Riot's The Revenant from this SlashWave EP is full of 80s love with some modern elements included for good measure. There's a lovely air of despondance in this song, which is laced throughout the EP that I find quite endearing.

Garth Knight continues his Transformer's inspired work with his War For Cybertron track. This is another gem, full of massive melodies and precision arrangments. One can't help be feel a bit of the classic Rocky IV soundtrack through this piece, which is always something I enjoy greatly.

Rain Sword staged a huge return to the scene this week with two killer tracks in Sarah's Quest and Cardboard Kings. I do love Sarah's Quest but the electro rock synth gold of Cardboard Kings pipped it at the post to make the Weekend Update. Sublime energy and a beautiful simplicity to this track make it thoroughly rockin.

The final musical adventure in this week's Weekend Update is a totally killer new song from Hot Hot Hawk and featuring the dulcet tones of none other than the teenage dreamboat himself: Patrick Baker. I can't help but think of Tesla Boy when I hear this, and that's one of the biggest compliments I can give any maker of 80s inspired synth music. Truly k-rad to the max.

I hope this week's Weekend Update added some neon colour and uplifting atmosphere to your weekend and I look forward to sharing more moving experiences with over the next week.
Till then stay 80s and keep on rockin!

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  1. Been following 80s Stallone for a while, but I can't eve seem to find legit avenues to download or purchase his tracks. I have a few mixes, but no individual tracks.