Saturday, November 3, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

Another exceptional week in the world of 80s inspired synth has elapsed, here are some of the major highlights in this week's Weekend Update.

Busting out the big guns right up front is the exceptional new track from Le Matos. This Canadian producer blew me away a few years ago with his stellar Quiet Earth and he's back with avengeance with his amazing new experience Sarah. The power, action and emotion of the 80s done to perfection.

Evanton's really becoming an act to be reckoned with in the field of 80s italo funk. This is now his thrid hit in a row on Synthetix: Flash! Another piece of disco funk brilliance that builds marvellously. Flash! will be released on the Magnetron EP soon, expect full coverage on Synthetix upon it's release.

DreamWave Dave is back with another 80s experiment in synth/guitar disco with Heatwave L.A.. This composition rocks a more indie pop synth angle, especially with it's bassline. The main thing is that it rocks and this is something it most certainly does do in spades. Available for FREE download too!

Silenx brought more 80s outrun action synth love into the world with his killer new single The Chase. This producer's sounds are always beautifully refined and the layer of gloss on this piece is no exception. I'm a HUGE sucker for key changes and this track has one of the most perfectly executed ones I've had the pleasure of experiencing in recent times.

Keeping the energy level at fever pitch is a new demo for Arc Neon's new piece No Going Back. The action enhances an inquisitive air that probes in many directions. I love the journey this takes the listener on and am greatly looking forward to it's further evolution.

Another exciting release to look forward to is Hot Hot Hawk and Patrick Baker's new venture Electric Touch. I get a bit too excited about anything Patrick Baker gets involved in, he seems to bring out my inner 80s teenage girl and every time I hear his music I want to put Patrick Baker posters up on my bedroom wall and go down the mall to talk to my friends about how dreamy he is. But I must digress as this piece promises Baker but is currently Baker-less, however even in this Baker-less form it's a gorgeous high energy synth pop experience and even truncated to a forty five second teaser is  massively promising.

Garth Knight's expanding his horizon's with a modern electro take on an electro funk 80s vibe that runs through his Transformer's inspired new single Galvatron. The bass slaps you in the face and the synths stab with robotic precision. Superb work.

Keeping with the 80s cartoon theme, Greetings Program released a scintillating rendition of the ending theme from Voltron. Epic and triumphant, just like the original and certainly full of that Greetings Program magic.

Ensuring that everything is 'right' with the world is the release of another beautiful synthsperience from LA Dreams. Glowing melodies and flawless arrangements are becoming standard fare with LA Dreams and Coast is no exception. Totally engaging synth romance of the highest calibre.

A new artist has surfaced through the Synthetix community on Facebook under the monicker 1985. Smooth disco synth sounds are what 1985 is all about and this producer has all the right moves. The track is available to buy on Bandcamp, I'm hoping this is the first of many new experiences from 1985.

Our final piece of synthtacular 80s magnifcence comes from another killer collaboration between Starforce and Dynatron. These guys work so well together I think they should seriously consider making a supergroup together. This new work cements this further as Celestial Time Lapse is a mirage of a million dimensions that defies the laws of space and time. The stella carresses of every moment of this track are sublime. If there ever becomes a fulltime DynaForce or StarTron I'll be first in line for a lifetime membership.

And that's us done for another huge week of 80s inspired synth music on Synthetix. I hope you've found some new favourites and rekindled some old memories, I'll be back again with more rockin action next week.

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  1. brilliant stuff, well done for keeping this blog up to date! loving that silenx track.