Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FlashBoy Tells Us Love Stories

Hot on the six inch patent leather red heels of his track Eclipse comes FlashBoy's excellent new two track EP called Love Stories.  This producer has always had an uncanny knack of perfectly balancing classic and modern sounds in a similar manner to Tommy or MiamiNights1984. The soul of the vintage sounds is a fickle mistress to work properly with modern attenuations, it's a tightrope act to keep the balance. Too far one way and the 80s magic gets lost, and too far the other way and vintage sounds become twee and out of place.

Few producers get this right consistently and FlashBoy is definitely one of them. This two track release is a love stricken testament to this with a good heaping helping of synth romance in for good measure. Both tracks have their own personality, but they have a consistent thematic that rings true throughout.

Side A contains Princess of the Night. FlashBoy's talent for working this hooky main melody is instantly engaging and the passion builds with each new layer of synth wonder. The simplicity of this piece is a great part of it's magic, everything counts and everything totally works. The main reprise is positively joyful and the bright orchestractions enhance the mood even further. By the midpoint the track takes it's last evolutionary step, breaking free of it's disco chrysalis in a winged explosion of colourful sounds and deep emotions, majestically rising into the sky with the sunlight glinting of every facet of aural loveliness.

The aptly titled Romance takes up on Side B. This set piece is more dramatic in delivery, keeping a labouring pace that weaves a vortex of swelling emotion. The music lures the listener hypnotically into a swaying colourwave of swirling colours and lights. FlashBoy allows this piece to roll along unfettered by complications, and allows the music to take it's own course across the sea of love. The rudderless vessel meanders beautifully over the cresting waves of emotion, taking us on a voyage that is haunting and totally engrossing until it gently fades out into the magenta horizon.

Both these tracks are currently available for free download on FlashBoy's soundcloud in the player above. I highly encourage all readers of Synthetix to add these gems to their music collections and give FlashBoy some love of your own on his soundcloud and his Facebook page here while you're at it.

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