Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Like Rockin? LikeVipers!

I was introduced to LikeVipers this week and I instantly fell in love with this EP. It was unfortunate that from this EP I only enjoyed the first half and found tracks three and four less interesting from the Synthetix viewpoint. This has me torn as the first two tracks of the Dangerous EP are so goddamned rockin that I it's taken me a couple of days to decide whether to cover this release or not.

As you can probably guess though, I've decided to review it, but I'm only going to cover the first two tracks. It's up to you, the listener, to give the second half of the EP your time. From my point of view this is an awesome two track EP from a stunning new talent, and boy howdy does this rock hard!

Acceletator is the first track, and this grabbed me from the outset. The arrangements are most certainly coloured with much modernity, but the sounds are totally 80s. It's the sum of it's parts that makes Accelerator something spectacular, theres megatons of energy coursing through every second of the piece and every instrument is brought to an explosive climax on every level. The intrumentation is a galaxy of 80s sounds in itself.

The synths and guitars rock in total harmony and the drum track has so much firepower it bursts into magnesium trails of sheer delight throughout the piece. For all it's modern arrangements, theres a delightfully 2009 personality to this track to complement all the 80s parts. Accelerator is a fastbreak, crash course into electro oblivion with neon lightning striking like a supernova of cataclysmic brilliance.

Our second Dangerous experience is the title track which has a mellower and more atmospheric personality than the first piece but still keeps the energy flowing in all the right directions. The drum programming dances and gallops through glistening neon pastures and the melodies caress like clouds in an azure sky. Once again guitars are incorporated perfectly, rousing spirits screaming with defiance and exuberance.

Even the modern elements are dappled with an 80s lustre and the production is an awe inspiring soundscape that rises and plunges with esoteric fervour through a melange of musical dimensions. Dangerous is a bit of a misnomor, I find, as it brings a comfort and familiar atmosphere that is warm and sparkling with wonder. By the track's end you'll be basking in a glow of pastel 80s colour, invigorated by this excellent piece of rocksynth electro.

LikeVipers' Dangerou EP is presented on Beatport by Bonerizing Records here, I'd encourage you to definitely pick up the first half of this EP, and you can make your own mind up about the last two tracks. Please give LikeVipers some love on his Facebook page here and we can but hope he keeps rockin' the 80s sounds as he really does do it exceptionally well.

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