Saturday, March 31, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

A great week of releases and previews has resulted in an action packed Weekend Update. Behold the week's bounty!

Synth house lovers should grt very excited by Oxford's latest. An almost Falke/Braxe styled atmosphere with synth driven melody that soars through the clouds and bursts into the cosmos. Can't get enough of Oxford's music, and in each new release he goes from strength to strength.

We keep on traversing the void of space with a more ambient and ethereal piece from Spaceship Star. The production on this piece is something special indeed, I love the "live" drum sounds, they pose as a perfect contrast to the swirling synth heavy melodies.

Nickee B's prolific production of 80s inspired music just keeps on rockin with his latest work In The Heat Of The Night. Even sexier sounds than usual add sensual layer of pure Synth Erotica to the composition. If you could see this music it would be a silhouette through horizontal blinds.

Fast becoming a scene favourite is Flash Arnold. His work continues to excite and enlighten with a pure 80s feel that is unrelenting and thoroughly authentic. Back Then is one of his most developed pieces yet with massive hooks and perfectly developed melodies. An instant Flash Arnold classic.

Jowie Schulner released a preview tracka few weeks ago that blew me away, and he's done it again this week with another deeply emotive experience titled Happy Outcome. It's instant love as the melody goes straight to the heart, I can but imagine a full lenght version of this; let's hope we get to hear it soon!

Something I'm getting notorious for is my black and white views on vocals in 80s inspired synth music. I've heard lots of songs spoiled by a vocal track that detracts from the music rather than adding anything positive. By the same token I'm a firm believer that using a vocalist that can sing in a genuine 80s style adds massively to an instrumental, the perfect demonstration of this working 1000% right is evidenced in the song It's Ok by Bastian's Happy Flight. This song is so perfectly sung by a vocalist who 'gets' what an 80s vocalist should sound like absolutely dead on. Much like with Kristine's music, I can close my eyes and it's 1985 again. Utter perfection!

On a final note for this week's Weekend Update longterm synth producer Maethelvin has joined soundcloud and posted much of his music, I'm hoping this means there is new music from Maethelvin in the offing as all his work is genre defining and superbly crafted. Be sure to give him lots of love on his soundcloud

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