Saturday, March 24, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

Last week's posts, entirely unexpectedly, were all of the darker side of synth music it would seem. I didn't plan this, it just happened, the power of music is strong indeed. For this week's Weekend Update lets get a bit lighter and funkier to bring some order back to the galaxy.

First off lets take a holiday to 1986 for some Tropical Drinks with Lameboy Advance. This ridiculously catchy track is funked out to the max. Killer orchestral stabs and a melody so bubbly and fruity you just can't help ordering another round.

Matt Creamer released a brilliant piece entitled Local News. Library Music is one of my newfound favourite genres and Mr Creamer gets this style down to perfection with classically arranged sounds and one of my favourite melodies of the week.

Syncroft have already released new material after the French Kiss EP released recently. The new track Digital Lady is more gorgeously made synth oriented French Touch/Nu Disco that's rife with killer hooks and driving rhythms.

Merdance have done some excellent remixing work in a renvisioning of Miami Nights 1984's theme track. I thought this one of the strongest pieces on the Turbulence album and have my interest piqued for what magic Merdance can create from it. At this stage it's definitely sounding very impressive.

Arrgh.. I can't resist the darkness! It's pulling me back in!! Well, we all need some balance and when something sounds this good; it CAN'T be bad! Follow Me's Doomsday Device has been branded Apocalypto Pop by it's creator and I for one would walk hand in hand into oblivion to this music. Ah the beauty of darkness!

Lost Years has released an absolutely stunning remix of Kavinsky's Nightcall. This more deliberatly paced version adds a killer new dimension to the original and adds an extra layer of that Lost Years magic we all love.

Malibu B has surfaced with his newest labour of love: Alfa. An italo fuelled adventure into xylophonic melodies and dreamy ambience. A slightly different sound to waht we've been accustomed to with Malibu B's previous work, but definitely a welcome addition to his growing repertoire.

To finish of this week's Weekend Update we have another instant classic video production from Neros77 for Mitch Murder's Best Of The Best. The complete marriage of sound vision from it's originally sourced inspiration provides a totally absorbing experience!

Looking forward to sharing more exciting music with you all next week. Til then, keep on rockin!

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