Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Night Driving Avenger, A New Chapter In Synth Terror

Perturbator has just released and incredibly epic and chilling atmospheric EP to soundcloud that is a rivetting soundtrack of pure exciting terror. From the opening chapter, Grim Heart, we are thrust into a dark nightmare of synthesised shocks with danger lurking around every corner. Listen, if you dare!

The EP continues into more relaxing territory with the luscious Electric Dreams, but even this piece has a darker, more sinister side that threatens to break out at any moment. This moment arrives in track three: Night Driving Avenger. To call this electrifying is a massive understatemnt. The title track is six million volts of raw power that surges and drives menacing melodies. By it's completion you'll be left completey exhausted; and exhilerated.

The final track is Miami Sunrise, a compostion with dramatic percussion and rolling melodies to allow for a recovery of our senses, with this our post-apocalyptic future becomes realised and only the survivors are left to rebuild.

Perturbator has created a masterpiece of total devastation in this soundtrack to a fateless future. Whats more this is up for FREE download as well, so please enjoy this wonderfully horrifying experience and give Perturbator some love for his brilliant work on his soundcloud. Be sure to Follow this exciting artist too, to ensure you don't miss any of his future works.

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