Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flash Arnold ROCKS

One of the main things I want to do on this blog is to expose underground artists to a wider audience. This is the perfect example of a very talented synth artist creating absolutely stunning music that deserves to be heard and loved by many more people. I know very little about Flash Arnold, apart from him being from Finland, but one thing I know definitively is that he creates totally radical 80s inspired synth music. Let our Flash Arnold experience begin!

His sounds are true and full of 80s love. Superb orchestrations and catchy hooks, all the things we love about this music are present and correct in his work. And what's more, Flash Arnold is being very generous with his compositions! Most of the tracks on his soundcloud are available for download, including his thoroughly impressive "In 1985" EP. His latest release, Back Into the Night, is also a work of uncommon beauty and vision.

Flash Arnold deserves as much love as we can possibly give him, I hope he keeps on making wonderful music for many years to come. Please follow him on soundcloud and show your appreciation on his Facebook page too.

Keep on rockin', Flash Arnold!!


  1. Cant download his music on Soundcloud. Where do i get it?

    1. His Bandcamp's your best bet, Justin.