Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Engarde in High Fidelity

One of my favourite synth/french touch duos Engarde just unleashed a monstrous new opus in the form of High Fidelity. This is one amazing ride into the neo-stratosphere of climbing melodies and pounding rhythms. A journey through the cosmos on digital skyways into a climax of enrapturous energy.

The mixture of classically 80s arrangements and a fantastic pastiche of French Touch disco house tick all the boxes in todays flight check. The three stages of Hight Fidelity are beautiful vignettes in their own right and make this expedition into the neon future even more brilliant in light and colour.

If this is your first journey with Engarde I highly recommend their other original flights of fancy as well their remix work, which will surely spark even more exotic destinations in your musical imagination.

To book your future adventures with Engarde register with them on soundcloud and please make further inquries into their upcoming itineraries on their Facebook page.

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