Thursday, June 4, 2015

Synthetix.FM Power UP! Cosmo Cocktail!

The Synthetix.FM Power UP! is about promoting producers using my personal soundcloud to host their tracks as well as promotion here on Synthetix.FM.  If you're interested in being promoted this way and have less than 500 followers on soundcloud and have around 20 original tracks (not counting remixes/covers) please contact me for more information.

Synthetix.FM Power UP! Cosmo Cocktail!

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Cosmo Cocktail is Luca Brumat, a music producer from Italy.
He entered in the music world in 1990, in the local metal scene, first as fan and supporter, after as promoter of bands and events.

After five years, he moved from metal to goth/post punk/new wave scene.  In 2006 he started to play bass guitar, and in 2007 he starts his activity as a DJ and promoter in this scene.

In 2013 he discovered the synthwave/80s retro electro scene on the internet, watching some videos by Noir Deco. After this event, he bought his first synthesizer, just for fun, without any musical target. But a couple of months later he produced a six tracks demo, "Endless Wave" with some new hardware synths, sequencers and drum machines. This demo arrived at the door of 30th Floor Records, which immediately decide to release this as first official EP.

His new album "Cosmotronic Racing" has been released on 18th April on 30th Floor Records.

Currently he his working on many new projects, as his new next album, new tracks for compilations, a new collaboration in the band The Vern Purple with his label-mate TCR, and a new synthwave focused DJ project called "The Retromantics".

Cosmotronic Racing is available on 30th Floor Records here.

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