Wednesday, June 17, 2015

LA Dreams Become A Reality

By Rick Shithouse

I'm sure everyone that reads Synthetix.FM is well aware with my love affair with LA Dreams' incredible music. For years now I've shared the magic of LA Dream's music and finally, finally we all get to have a little piece of LA Dreams himself in our lives as a permanent fixture. Thanks to the always rockin Rad Rush Records we now have the opportunity to have four stunning LA Dreams tracks to enjoy on vinyl. This has a been a long time wish of mine, that my favourite producers get to the point of releasing their music on cassette and record and while I've had the pleasure of owning many cassette releases in recent times the vinyl side of things is always far more elusive due to short runs and expensive manufacturing. But now, slowly, labels like Rad Rush are changing this and I am elated with the results.

The listening experience of vinyl is something I deeply adore, it always takes me back to the 80s themselves and the connection one gets to the music, no matter how much romanticised, is luxurious and electrically tactile. The intimacy of LA Dreams' music is such a wonderful match for this format that I find myself enjoying this repeatedly. The music itself is as strong as ever with the selection of tracks capturing the energy, emotions and innate magic that Kevin always puts into his music.

Sounds And Waves really provides a great introduction for those new to the LA Dreams sound and the selection of tracks is definitely geared towards an exhilaratingly high performance thrill ride. The opening title track is a beautiful Synth Romance love crush theme that is overflowing with the 80s wonder LA Dreams appears to have on tap in limitless quantities. The other three pieces aim to much higher speed experiences and make for an exciting adventure with 'Drop Top' screaming down the coastline in a super powered convertible on an idyllic Californian day while 'This Way Forever' walks a dangerous line of chase sequences and night time excitement. The final track, 'High Life' brings in all the grandiose 80s excess, packaged in glossy candy coloured wrapper. Make this the background music next time your shopping to make sure you get that proper 80s consumer feeling!

You should pick up a copy of this wonderful release as soon as possible and get those LA Dreams rockin like never before. Grab a copy on vinyl and digital download on Rad Rush Records Bandcamp page here. If this isn't enough LA Dreams rockin for you, (and goddamnit it shouldn't be!) check out his superb new album Amped, available on his Bandcamp page here. Can you believe this is his 34th release? THIRTY FOURTH. Kevin, you're an amazing creative wonder.

And for one final bit of LA Dreams love check out the latest opus from Neros77 for 'Drop Top'. You know if it's a Neros77 video it's going to be rockin to the max! It's time for the ultimate Summer Job!

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