Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Noizz Factor's Summer 1989

By Rick Shithouse

Over the last couple of months I've found myself being more interested, or getting an emotive response from some genres more than others. Besides the music that's really unabashedly 80s in its heart of hearts I'm finding a resurgence in the 2010 hybrid house/80s sound very engrossing. There have been a few tracks on their own that have taken me back to that sound, but the latest EP from Noizz Factor takes this direction into newer territory that I find very engaging.

Noizz Factor's sound is punchy and full of bright modern elements that give it great presence but the emotional melodies are weaved into each track beautifully to balance things out. As this is cited as being an experiment I found some very cool little details that have been fused out of creativity and invention rather than trying to sound like a preconceived idea. This gives a lovely air of classic 80s naiveté to the proceedings too, which I'm always a fan of.

The eight tracks are full of shiny, positive feelings and hazy memories. Whether beachside or bedside there is a great intimacy to the passages even when set against completely modern drum tracks or other contemporary forces. That balance of old and new just rocks like it should.

Noizz Factor's experiment in vintage sounds is a resounding success, although there's every chance that this is a one-off deal that has sated the producer's need for retro sounds and is about to embark on another journey elsewhere. That's all rockin, cause Summer 1989 really does what it sets out to do in a refreshing package that gives you just the right dosage of retro vibes and clean contemporary flavours.

Quench your thirst for smooth, bubbly tunes with Noizz Factor's Summer 1989 EP, presented on his Bandcamp page here and feel a cool buzz that comes highly recommended by Synthetix.FM.


  1. Perhaps I was a bit too aggressive with my previous comment, hence it was deleted... But if you take a look at who's reposting Noizz Factor's tracks on Soundcloud, you'll notice it's almost exclusively sock puppet accounts. All they do is repost his tracks, then follow random users in an attempt to get their attention. Noizz Factor is a spammer, and personally I won't reward such behavior by even listening to his tracks.

    1. That's a bit better. Your opinion is your own and I won't argue it.

    2. Sorry about the outburst, the rage just took over when I saw another one of those accounts in my SC followers. Need to meditate now or something.