Sunday, May 5, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's another massive Weekend Update with a hot selection of my favourite tracks to make the scene this past week. I've become very aware that over the next few weeks there are a whole mess of releases and there isn't going to be any way for me to cover all of them how I'd like to. I like to post three to four reviews during the week as time allows, but I've got five already in my waiting list on top of what gets released during the week. I try to make Synthetix.FM the place you can find all the most rockin new sounds in the 80s inspired synth scene, but I fear some releases are already falling through the cracks.

If posting more often was the solution, I'd do just that, but it's not the case. I've noticed that when I've posted more often during the week the posts get very little exposure to you, the audience, and then get shuffled down the page. I pride myself in writing what I feel about music and how it effects me and this takes time and effort to put into words but I love doing it and it's always going to be one of the hallmarks of Synthetix.FM. This means there will be some EPs I miss writing in depth about unfortunately.

Instead I'll be doing more Midweek Triple EP Meltdowns as the need sees fit. These reviews aren't as deep as the stand alone reviews, but I think it's the best option while there is such an abundance of music around. Synthetix.FM always tries to find and support new producers of 80s inspired synth music as a priority and this is the consistent focus of the site. And speaking of which this Weekend Update it full of hot new tracks from emerging producers in the scene as well as the established rockers we're all already fans of so lets get rockin with the Synthetix Weekend Update!

Sunglasses Kid is really making a big splash of late, his absolutely stunning synth romance sounds are a joy to behold and Summer Break Up hammers this home form beginning to end. Emotive synths dance with passionate guitars in a spectacle of pure 80s brilliance.

Someone new to Synthetix.FM in Cinema next. This act is brand new to me and came into my awareness courtesy of my synth-brother-in-arms Thomas Rivette. Cinema have a sultry sound that drips with a sensual mystique which is only magnified by the French chanteuse intimating untold pleasures. Late night sounds with an eye for encounters of the carnal kind.

We have a trio of teasers in this Weekend Update and the first one is for the next Dynatron EP; Flashbacks. The tracks teased in this preview are all full of beauty and soundscapes of dynamic arrangements and the instrumentations seem to be of a huge diversity. This is definitely going to be an exciting release and is due out May 10th.

SPF5Ø is really making some big statements with his music. He reminds me of other avant garde producers like Klockhaus and Camille R in that his sounds are unmistakably 80s, but the delivery is something all together new.❐~❍~❏ is full of exciting sounds that move in and out reality on a crash course with a destiny that is entirely otherworldly. A magnificent experience from start to finish and available for FREE download currently.

After leaving Tesla Boy and embarking on his own solo career Poko Cox is now solidifying his personal soundscapes with super exciting results. 'The Greatest Fear' is a dramatic piece of synth pop with staccato rhythms and dream like melodies. It's a very strong song and I hope theres more Poko magic in the offing soon.

The enigmatic Dreamwave Dave rocked on with his majestic new composition this week called Stand By. This sound is full of refinement and uncomplicated arrangements that allow the music to speak for itself. Melodies intimate deeper knowledge while the percussion marches in time with crisp precision.

Turning up the pace and the heat is Grooveworthy and his killer track Information Superhighway. Moving at a breakneck speed this is exactly the kind of music I'd expect to hear over an 80s documentary explaining the internet. Full of excitement and promises of a bright future this track is available currently for FREE download.

RF Extreme's latest adventure is most certainly into the shadowy side of the synth spectrum. 'Enter Dark Paradise' is a moody dirge which speaks of hidden dangers but contrasts this with a brighter story of hope that rides the crests of the darker tones. Delightfully arranged and thoroughly engaging.

Lazerpsek's launched a rockin new preview for his next EP which is still to be announced, but this teaser is very exciting. This producer's sounds are very unpredictable and highly volatile and from even these short snippets it looks like we're in for a wild ride in the near future with Lazerspek.

It's always a great week when theres new Starforce music released and with Retrospheres Starforce certainly improved mine. This demo cut is a hugely powerful slab of heavy Starforce space synth rockin.  A powerhouse of synth sounds and earth shattering percussion complete the experience, I can only imagine the final form of this piece if this is only the demo.

Adding even more excitement to this past week was the publishing of brand new experience from Miami Nights 1984. 'Deep Blue' finds MN1984 diving deep into a slow motion explosion of fathomless emotions and touching melodies. This is a very intimately written piece that definitely speaks from the heart and soul of the producer.

Next up is the hot new track from Fantastisizer. 'The Chase' is an energetic adventure into the dangers of the night. Exciting percussion and crystalline synth melodies punctuate a dramatic soundscape making the tension burn hot. This track is so smooth and undulating that it really takes the listener on a roller coaster ride, sublimely written and arranged.

Bringing some funky and sexy synth sounds to your weekend is Time Trvlr with Electic Shoes [sic]. I really love this track, it reminds of some of my favourite Synth Erotica pieces with it's high energy drums and sensual sounds and it's thoroughly authentic personality. Definitely a piece to get your weekend rockin with a nudge and a wink and I'll say no more.

MegaDrive is bringing forth the radness in monstrously big doses with his new OutRun opus Dataline. Sounds are pure and clean with punchy percussion and synth melodies totally ripping shit up throughout. This track is ominously strong and overflowing with vibrant 80s energy.

Neon Flash Drive and Foreign Blade teamed up recently for some rockin good times and the result is Stalemate. Epic sounds of ninja synth tones emanate through the night drama with a restrained force that builds like a tidal wave of electricity. 'Stalemate' definitely brings the strengths of both producers to the fore and I hope they work together again in the future. This is currently available for FREE download too.

Dance With The Dead are pursuing the 80s horror synth sound with much fervour and passion. I think this style works exceptionally well with their production styles. 'They Only Come At Night' features much dark synth moods but the main melody refrain is pure jubilation and is wholly uplifting. Yet another superb track from the artists formerly known as Jaypeau and Toe Knee.

Alpha Boy's new EP is set to hit next week and his preview is sounding very promising. The last year has seen a great deal of development and growth in Alpha Boy's style and his music seems to be taking on all new feelings and directions. I greatly look forward to experiencing it in full.

And speaking of artists growing and developing I'm elated to share with you the latest work from the scenes resident videographer Neros77. His work has been raised to even loftier levels than before with his video for Starforce's Summer Of 2085. The sands of time and oceans of space become the planes of an eternal existence, forever entwined in a story that traverses galaxies by seasons. This is the visualisation of this track done to absolute perfection.

That brings us to the end of another week full of good times and great rock'n'roll in the 80s inspired synth scene. I'll be back throughout next week with more rockin music to keep you rockin the 80s all the right ways. 'Till then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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