Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sferro Brings You The Future Of Technology

Sferro is BACK! For those unaware Sferro has been producing 80s inspired synth since the first golden age of 2009. My initiation to the world of Sferro was his track Turquoise Waters of the MOTU 2  V.1 compilation, a piece which launched his musical journey and began forming the template for the Sferro sound. His music has always been built on a backbone of strong and deeply emotive melodies, something that his classic track  'New Output' had in overflowing quantities.

But it's been quite a while between drinks, and often over the last couple of years I thought Sferro may have moved on to other interests and left his love for 80s synth sound behind him. Alas this was not the case as he has just released the brand new 'Wetware Computer' EP and has made a triumphant return to the scene that loves him.

In celebration of this EP Sferro has been so kind as to honour Synthetix.FM with an EXCLUSIVE track that completes the EP. 'Autonomous Robot Pt. II' is presented on my soundcloud page at the end of this review and I'd personally like to thank Sferro not only for this gift, but also for all the incredible music he's created over the years. Be sure to get this track and complete the 'Wetware Computer' experience.

Let's begin the 'Wetware Computer' journey. 'Autonomous Robot' starts proceedings and instantly the future of self aware technology is apparent. Rhythmic pulses with machinelike dexterity bring to mind every futuristic prediction of computer power exceeding it's master's. The music is foreboding, but not without a soul and the glory of Sferro's melodies is once again cast like a magic spell over the listener. This track breaks down to a very interesting back masked section which is jarring and startling, as I'm sure was the producer's intention,  creating a forward time/back time anomaly which leaves the track to finish on a very fascinating question mark.

The powers of the machines evolve to new levels in 'Intelligent Systems'. The melodic refrain becomes more cautionary and the crisp percussion marches to the beat of a new program. The muted sounds become contrasted by much more organic layers set to a humanistic logic. Building through it's own evolution the hybrid intelligence creates an air of balance, but it's obvious there is much more drama on the horizon.

The story continues into the title track and the emotionally charged electrical storm begins covering the synthscape in a sunless darkness. The slow motion melodies are the essence of remorse and the the sparks of lightning strike an unfeeling earth below. Building ever more powerful the dirge of the future becomes a memory of the past, the machines have taken control and the humans are now obsolete. But like a fire to the sky hope is sent to the heavens in an awe inspiring final act of defiance as the back masked refrain implies the story is not yet over.

Indeed, it takes the will and unrelenting human spirit to take a new tact against the machines. 'Hi Tech Low Life' tells the story of humanity's unground retreat, back to a neolithic time devoid of the machines they once controlled. The melody is dark, but has a hint of hope to it, making it very apparent the road back to human ascendency will be be long and arduous.

The final refrain to 'Autonomous Robot Pt. II' brings in a ray of sunshine to the bleakness of the future, it's melody is piercing with an uplifting and fortifying promise of hope. The music is pure, and full of positivity, rising to a crescendo of synth emotions. It allows the credits to roll on this story with humanity rising against the odds and continuing the fight for survival against insurmountable odds.

The EP also contains a bonus remix of 'Autonomous Robot' by the every magical Tommy. This more chaotic experience is full of new excitement, and serves as an excellent companion piece to the original, complete with it's back masked ending.

The 'Wetware Computer' EP is presented on Girlfriend Records Bandcamp page here. With its incredible story to tell and its vivid textures and moods this marks a glorious return to the scene for Sferro, Synthetix.FM highly recommends you add this wonderful EP to your music experience as soon as possible.

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  1. Sferro is one of those "You can tell I've been doing this for quite a while"
    His sound is rich and well thought out, no place for guess work here. Very good stuff!