Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ghosthouse Go For The Deep V

Ghosthouse are back with a new party-riot EP salaciously titled Deep V. These guys have a totally killer brand of party synth rock sounds that move through different decades but always have the 80s spirit being poured by the gallon.

Deep V contains their killer single from last year in Stop, Drop and Roll as well as bringing along a trio of new songs that push the party mood into some dangerously sexy new territory.

The party kicks off with the good time anthem Freeze. The big 'X Factor' with any Ghosthouse song are the lyrics, these guys are masters of working the most bitchen lines betwixt the catchy riffs and melodies. 'Freeze' kicks so much arse in the lyrics department that you can't help but sing along, even the first time through. The Ghosthouse live party vibe runs riot throughout 'Freeze' and sets a course for good times and great rock'n'roll from the outset.

The second track winds things back to some steamier R&B flavoured tones with 'Empty Bottles'. Wanton refrains of unrequited love and lust end up in the gutter with broken glass and a haze of intoxication. Funky orchestral work and sensuously smooth sax highlights the scene but the pleading vocals tell of a soul bared and crushed 'neath the passions of the night.

'Witness To The Scene' kicks in with a highly polished staccato energy and a totally rad vocal style not dissimilar to something like Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me. This song is just pure Ghosthouse gold with every ounce of drama exacted from each note and chord, the party is in full swing and it's never gonna stop with this rockin the scene.

The final phase of Deep V is the synth laden 'Stop, Drop & Roll'. Lots of classically 80s pop funk sounds are paraded up and down the catwalk with a strut and swagger full of conviction and confidence. More so than just getting the 80s sounds and ideas 'right' Ghosthouse get the feelings of the 80s right, it's brash, fresh, and full of an uncontrollable exuberance.

The EP closes out with a Radio Edit (they cut the 'fuck' out) of Freeze, which I hope gets metric shit tonnes of FM airplay as these rockers really deserve a massive audience of devoted followers.

The Deep V EP is presented on Ghosthouse's Bandcamp here at a 'name your own' price point. This EP is a must have release for those who want to experience that revival of 80s fun and party action any time you feel the need. Party on Ghosthouse, party on.

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  1. Rick. You fucking rock. The summary of Empty Bottles made me tingle -Jimmy from Ghosthouse