Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Synth Erotica

Robovixens from 1988 (or Batteries Included) is a delightfully tawdry piece of cash-in smut riding off the popularity of 'Robo' movies in general. The premise is pure science friction as a team of robovixens with "endless sexual stamina" go out to please the many man currently unsatisfied with their love lives.

The presentation is pure sleaze VHS charm as the shot on video scenes illicit all manner of sensual visions. Like many of this ilk, however, those wishing to see visual effects of any description (besides the odd colour filter) in this popular style of skinflick will come away rather disappointed. Leave it to the clever writing to make sure all shots that would require any kind of effects budget happen off-screen and we're left with some stunning pornogirlies of the day doing their best robot impressions; which is no less entertaining, mind.

The soundtrack though is the other star of Robovixens as deep thrusting percussion writhes in time with the filthiest of synth grooves. While Stephanie Rage gyrates her sinful little body to the delight of Scott Irish and Micky Ray, Brandy Wine looks on with great amusement. The purely sexual soundtrack instantly makes one realise that Robovixens entertains on a whole other level as your imagination and longing becomes wholly transfixed by the grindingly glorious Synth Erotica.

Robovixens 1988 Scene 1 from Rick Shithouse on Vimeo.

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