Thursday, March 17, 2016

Everything Is Falling Into Place At HOME

By James Mann

Every blue moon an artist comes along and manages to not only captivate, but also stun each listener with melodies and complexities so incredible that calling the effort a true masterpiece doesn’t seem to quite do justice. HOME has managed to do the unthinkable. Pulling out all stops in his latest full length Falling Into Place, and taking the listener through a surreal and cosmic journey in sound; ranging from heartfelt and emotive pieces, to cinematic and tear inducing tracks that seem to make time freeze, to the lounge-iest of funk and beyond with his signature lo-fi elegance.

HOME saturates the speakers with pure warmth and love in this delightful and influential full length release. The array of sounds showcase the most mature and diverse work to date that we’ve heard from this Florida native. The innate ear of this musician and how he approaches each track is truly amazing. Well placed notes and layers create a unique blend of Tyco-esque ambience, Com Truise confidence, and Emil Rottmayer dreamscapes, but the best part is that the thoughtful songs resonate with originality and a stamp of the HOME sound. He manages to create sounds that never pander to the listener, but tastefully divide touches in a variety of genres that come together for music that’s just damn sweet and thoroughly enjoyable.

One thing I would like to preface before moving forward is to note the usage of HOME’s synthesizers and percussion. He jumps into completely signature and unique sounding pads and leads implemented in such ways that separate him from all other artists. From custom tape recordings, extreme reverb, lo-fi goodness and a delicate balance of analog and digital sounds, he captures the ear with a clever usage of melodies and arrangements. I sincerely appreciate he isn’t afraid to accent these synths with effects and sounds that fall far outside the box of “normal.” His percussion is ornate, detailed, and um, huge. Monumental kicks and claps slice through each track with precision and accuracy, culminating in an experience that can only be delivered by him.

In compositions such as 'Head First', we hear a more indie side of HOME, delving into a sweet, recycled melody that layers and creates a confident, pulsating arrangement guaranteed to satiate any listener. The guitar work adds to the blend of beauty and mesmerizing layers that demonstrate talent and finesse. Striking a balance between simple and complex, everything seems to fit just right in this beauty. This opener is massive, and a more than fitting indicator for the rest of the album.

Switching gears, in pieces like 'Flashlight' we are treated to more colorful and playful arrangements that give way to a powerhouse of sounds. His signature and powerful bass, kick and claps form to steer this in a surprising direction with emotive, somber, yet joyful combinations of melodies and layers, stamping the pad as one of my favorites. Having music enable you to smile and replay the track through and through is such a rarity, it’s like finding a four leaf clover in a sea of unmemorable ones.

In cosmic and bright arrangements like 'Bright Lights In Silent Rooms', HOME takes us on a trip through a land of sultry funk, evoking a feel of MGMT but yet again entirely unique. A rolling bass and 4/4 beat accompany Kyoto like synths and a Sytarian vibe, blending together for a dance floor experience I’m craving in a live set pulsating with energy and lights. Gathering momentum for groove oriented vibes is his specialty, and once again the superb production value and dynamic range of synthesizers and percussion deliver the best in retro and future moods.

I love the sophistication 'Falling Head First' brings. There’s no trial and error with HOME tracks, each one delivers a special, personalized package of unmistakably feel good vibes. He has successfully managed to blow minds with this stellar release, to be completely honest it’s been on repeat for several weeks now. (And that’s a rarity for any artist in my rotating playlist). Since he’s been officially backed by Tyco himself and his song 'Resonance' took the Interwebz by storm garnering millions of plays, it’s only a matter of time before he hits, big. I’ve also heard rumors of a live show?

Please do yourself a favor and get my favourite release of the year thus far. It’s available on HOME's Bandcamp page here and is listed for $1, but upon first listen I can guarantee you will feel compelled to give a bit more. The album is absolutely a Synthetx Reference Experience, the highest honor given to an exceptional work of art. Well done HOME. Oh and a warning for those who do procure this bit of gold, the tracks are HIGHLY addictive.

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