Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Synth Erotica

By Rick Shithouse

I hope everyone welcomes Synth Erotica back into the fold at Synthetix.FM with a warm hand, softly placed on the posterior. For those unaware I did this content as a bit of pilot project before I began Synthetix and it served the purpose of sharing my love for vintage adult feature soundtracks that were synth based. Many classic pieces of 80s synth music appeared in these delightfully entertaining videos and I wanted to give them a home online.

Since Synthetix took up much of my creative time and energy Synth Erotica didn't get many updates in recent times, but this year I'm bringing the project back as a monthly feature. Also, these posts will be primarily in video format as opposed to the soundcloud posts I previously did as I always wanted to do some playing around with video editing and this feels like a great project to learn with.

For our first Synth Erotica post for the year we'll be visiting with the classic VHS series from the early 90s Hot Body International. '90s?!?!' I hear you cry, 'I didn't come here for 90s claptrap!' But please, bear with me. One of the last bastions of 80s sounds that continued long after the decade ended was the adult film industry.

From the rampantly radical Italo synth in early 90s releases from Marc Dorcel and Foxy Lady through to the incredibly wondrous library synth pieces used on many American production company's soundtracks the adult entertainment industry in the early 90s was one the last places you could still get those exciting 80s vibes.

Hot Body International was a series that focused on wet t-shirt style competitions and other beauty related pageants in order to crown Miss Hot Body International. The videos had footage from the competitions, photo shoots and general frollicking about with the models whilst they're 'competing'. These videos are a real time capsule of late 80s sexuality in America and one of the genuine high points of the productions are the soundtracks.

Mostly using library resources or session musicians the music used rarely gets an proper credit, but that's where we can now give it the appreciation it deserves. Richard Roeder is the only credit for the music on this edition (which we will be visiting again in a future installment) and his Discogs page doesn't glean much information about his musical career at all unfortunately. Still, the Miniskirt Competition from Miss Puerto Vallarta contains sumptous synths that gyrate and resonate in perfect time with the competitors. That late 80s R&B pop flavour rides deeply into the groove while the completely arousing guitars grind you where you need it.. all, night, long.

Synth Erotica 1 2016 from Rick Shithouse on Vimeo.

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