Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday To Synthetix.FM!

Today marks the fourth birthday for Synthetix.FM and I thought a new look for the site was in order as well as a few new things we'll be doing on here as a part of your regularly scheduled programming.

First off I'll be introducing four new monthly features to the site, one per week, that will be covering non-music but completely 80s related passions of my own. I've found over the last year that I wanted to write about things other than music on occassion and instead of creating new sites I've decided to put them under the umbrella of Synthetix.FM, hence our new tagline: 80s Passions For Your Modern Life.

I've been a passionate collector and ardent fan of many 80s things besides the music and will be using the site to showcase these under four new banners here. I'll also invite others to contribute to these sections as they see fit too as the is always going to highly value contributors. These new sections are:

Objet d’Rad 

These posts will focus on specific items of 80s desgin that are true hallmarks of the decade. From housewares to ceramics to designer pieces to electronic consumer products and everything in between. There are so many wonderful items I've collected over the years and also continue to pine for that these posts will draw from many of the resources I've also collected over the years.

Selling The Dream

Selling The Dream is all about advertising throughout the 80s. Print ads, TV commercials and vintage brochures will be covered here for your delectation. Advertising materials are some of my most prized resources and these posts will endeavour to give you constant new 80s inspirations.


This will be a monthly post covering boomboxes, cassettes and other 80s music related technology. I'll be featuring specific items from my collections and covering their design features as well as pop culture associations from the decade. If you're already a fan portable audio design and cassette culture this is sure to be something you'll enjoy.

Synth Erotica

Technically not anything new as I was doing Synth Erotica long before Synthetix.FM but from now on Synth Erotica content will be posted on Synthetix.FM. Synth Erotica focuses on the incredibly synth based soundtracks used in adult entertainment throughout the 80s and early 90s. This music has already provided much inspiration, and will continue on here to be a monthly feature. I'll be also doing these in video as well as audio format, where it is tastefully possible.

These new sections will be midweek posts that will happen approximately once a month, the schedule will become apparent over the next few months as I get things organised. 

Synthual Rendezvous 2016

In other Synthetix.FM news we're now roughly ten days away from the cut off date for this year's Synthual Rendezvous mixtape. If you have a sensual, sexy, sultry track that can be Synth Romance, or even just emotionally driven music that has that loving passion or even a synth pop love song, it's all gonna be rockin. Here's last year's edition if you're still not sure what I'm after.

The tracks don't have to be exclusive or previously unreleased but they can't be more than a year old and they MUST be mp3 format and tagged CORRECTLY with song title and artist name. Any track submitted that isn't will not be included. All tracks must be original work too, no remixes or covers. Tracks can be sent to me via email here.

I'll need the tracks by Friday, February 12 (that'll be the 11th for those in the U.S and UK due to timezones) with a view to have the mixtape up and rockin by 13th.

The First Synthetix.FM Mixtape For 2016

And finally, the latest edition of the regular Synthetix.FM Mixtape is now out on soundcloud!

This marks the final track in the Synthetix.FM Extended Mix exclusives I've been including for the last 16 months or so. Cry Wolf's amazing 'Don't Look Back' gets that honour and will be the last track of the twevle exclusive extended mixes that will be released on a special edition compilation in March. I'll be hoping to do this as a limited edition cassette release too, so keep an eye out for news on this project here and on Synthetix Sundays.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank every person who's contributed to Synthetix.FM, been an active member of the Synthetix Music Facebook community, listened to a Synthetix Mixtape or tuned into Synthetix Sundays, or just come here to find some rockin new tunes. Every hit, every comment, every word of encouragement means a great deal to me and the 80s inspired synth scene is something I'm honoured to be a part of expanding and growing over the years. Every single one of you makes a difference.

Here's to more good times and great rock'n'roll for many years to come, Happy Birthday Synthetix.FM!

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