Saturday, November 21, 2015

The First Australian Synthwave Meet Up

By Rick Shithouse

Marko Maric and Rick Shithouse rockin in style.
This weekend has been a spectacular one on many levels as this marked the first of hopefully many meet ups for the Australian synthwave scene. Climaxing at Laser Highway at Forgotten Worlds in Collingwood Saturday, myself and Marko Maric headed up to Melbourne for some real quality time catching up with all those that could make it at the The Fox hotel in Collingwood.

The turn out was truly amazing. Present were myself, Marko Maric, Cris Zerotonine, Ben Businovski, Jake AudioblivioN, Jordan F, Gabriele Beat Ratio, Jay Dream Fiend, Johnny Killstarr, Andrew WARD-IZ, Lachi James and Shane Alpharisc. I'm going to call it the first Australian scene meet up as Jordan came down from Sydney, Lachi came from the Gold Coast and Ben came from Perth (as did Marko), so really it was much bigger than just Melbourne.

Cris Zerotonine and Ben Businovski (Starbound at the bar).
And it did feel big. Myself and Marko headed up to Melbourne and met up with Cris before heading up to the Fox Hotel for the pre-show meet up that we had invited everyone to. This was a fantastic way to spend the afternoon, meeting friends, sharing a few drinks and really feeling that spirit of the music and the love for it in everyone.

(L-R) Ben Businovski, Cris Zerotonine, Jordan F, Marko Maric, Lachi James,
Jake Stollery, Zach Smith-Cameron and Jake AudioblivioN

Moving on from The Fox we headed to Forgotten Worlds and the much anticipated Laser Highway event featuring Marko Maric, Busty Coastline, Zerotonine and Jordan F.

Marko Maric rockin some of the best of the scene's tunes

Jordan F and Lachi James exchanging ideas in a
convivial atmosphere

Jordan F rockin it like a melonfarmer.
The magic in full effect.
Lasers at Laser Highway.
Lachi James and Marko Maric and Dream Fiend and Killstarr
Myself in the presence of the great Killstarr and Dream Fiend dream team otherwise known as Starbound

The entire day was full of wonderful people, great conversations and the best music. Experiencing Jordan F live was an amazing ride into this producer's musical journey and, being my first live 80s inspired synthwave show, really displayed how rich it can be. The many individual stories one already knows become combined into an overarching experience that takes you through all those energies, ideas and emotions in a medium that is even more meaningful and purposeful. It's not like a normal band-experience at all, I discovered, and instead makes for a vastly more personal direct contact with the music itself in a shared experience with others as the story unfolds before your very eyes and ears.

Many, many thanks to everyone who attended and all the great people I had the chance to interact with in reality for the first time; it won't be the last that's for sure. Major thanks to Cris Zerotonine to making Laser Highway the incredible experience it has become. Your passion and hospitality were greatly appreciated.

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