Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Survival During The Full Eclipse

By James Mann

Some say that music truly does come from the heart of a musician. It's an extension of themselves, with layers of emotive depth, passion, and purpose. Full Eclipse has managed to create one of the most moving, emotional and just all around lovely EPs I have heard in quite some time. Combining downtempo and moody elements reminiscent of some of the best scores from the 80s and even 90s, the nostalgia is big in Survival. As Full Eclipse tells me, there is a drive and purpose behind the stellar release. The EP is a product of an eighties child whose formative experiences during those times and his obsession with its look, feel and atmosphere of unlimited possibility conflict with how he feels it may have shaped today's world and the world of tomorrow.

Visions of Miami Vice character scenes, watching the local forecast on the Weather Channel while those beauteous melodies flowed, Full Eclipse delivers some incredible music full of retro moodiness while adding a vibrant and updated feel. It's evident this artist not only understands the complexities of making good music, but executes them effortlessly and provides pure ear candy and a much needed variety from the synth driven candy that's regularly delivered through presets and Polysix. I can already tell the inspiration runs deep for Full Eclipse, and the 80s provided a majority of it. They were incredibly unique and intensely vivid times in terms of art, aesthetics, styles and sounds, but in a lot of ways they were also very dark and perhaps sick times, which is equally fascinating. A product of the 80s, but a mind sailing into the future with top tunage.

'Totem' kicks off this stunning EP with a rich, roomy vibe full of wonder and thought. Sleek bass and a nice lead merge together for an almost funky arrangement with that paced out 80s finesse combining that classic hi hit/tambourine that I dare say puts the track into a category of Faltermeyer with the detail and care. Layered and subtle arrangements build to keep this track moving towards a place I don't want to steer from. It's absolutely beautiful and I'm already well aware of the crafting and thought put into this track from this emerging artist.

'False Hope (Lament Version)' continues the cinematic, emotional ride from Full Eclipse through another beautiful journey in sound. Paced out and relaxing, a downtempo beat and nice piano lead create an impressive soundscape with some warm synth pads to accent in all of the right places. Almost ambient but far too energetic to call so, the balance in genres is quite interesting. It's enough to satiate the desire for ambience and a mood enhanced piece, but delivers almost a movie like score while staying true to late 80s and early 90s compositions. Class track.

'Survival' (aptly named after this gem of an EP) showcases the guitar rich talents of this artist through a monumental piece, one deserving of a soundtrack bill. Yes, it's that good. Sections of well crafted arrangements build into a moving score that's quite possibly the most powerful piece on this release. The percussion is rich and deep, toms drumming at a deliberate and slowed pace to accompany the triumphant building of instruments. You can feel the depth at which Full Eclipse goes on this one, it's personal and deep to him. My favorite track on Survival without a doubt.

'False Promise' gives a nice glimpse at what this artists can offer from a strong early 90s cinematic score/influence and it's profound. Another composition thought out and well arranged, it's all about instrumentation and use for this artist, allowing the listener to engage in a sea of sound. I might note the roominess of each instrument fills the speakers but allows room for others to fill in, creating a sonic blend of sound. A very nice mixing job and mastering. It fits the mood perfectly.

'Progress' puts me on the sofa in 1992, watching the local forecast on the Weather Channel while killing some Fruit Wrinkles. Smooth, sleeked out vibes fill this arrangement and prove this music could not only be played in the background of a TV program, but also on your speakers at home. Top notch execution and a beautiful closer from an artist I have already learned to respect and thoroughly enjoy.

Full Eclipse released something increasingly rare, a debut EP full of experience, creativity and grade A execution. He is currently working on a compilation and will be releasing an another EP sometime around Christmas. I can't wait to hear more from this talented artist, and expect great things from him in the scene if he isn't snatched up as a soundtrack producer. Though I'm sure he will still make the time for us when he is famous. I'll tempt him with some Fruit Wrinkles.

Survival comes very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM and is available through 30th Floor Records' Bandcamp page here.

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