Sunday, August 16, 2015

Synthetix Sundays

It's the Synthetix Sundays Space Synth Special Number 2 this week on Synthetix Sundays!!

Marko is featuring a very special 2+ hour segment exploring the very best of 80s inspired space synth music and space themed Synthwave. City Hunter will be join him again as co-pilot in this intergalactic journey!

And as part of the segment I will interview premier Space Synth producer Anosphere, plus interviews with the OutRun and Dark Synth beast that is Castroe and a special interview with Synth Pop duo Stereospread!

Plus the usual suspects Paul Daly, Rick with Quality Time with Shithouse and of course Dallas with Synthetix Spotlight.

There's also an exclusive premier from Anosphere and heaps of download codes to give away.
Come join City Hunter and Marko as they take you on a very special voyage through the solar system and to the outer reaches of the galaxy!

Tune in to Synthetix Sundays LIVE on Radio Pure Gently here, at 10pm Perth, Australia time. Please click here to find out when this is in your part of the world. As always the fully downloadable show will be posted here on Monday along with feature tracks from Quality Time With Shithouse.

Quality Time With Shithouse Featured Tracks

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