Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stallone Jones Gets Some

By James Mann

Summer is here. Bronzed bikini goddesses line the beach. Rays of light filter through palms to reveal something much more enticing than any tropical drink or buxom beauty. Enter Stallone Jones. Finding a release that inspires and evokes such a variety of moods and emotions is increasingly rare these days. Each scene is saturated with artists producing sounds partial and similar to their counterparts, falling short of identifying a sound that is memorable and unique.

Stallone Jones's 'Get Some' not only hits the mark with incredible dynamics and proficiency for a new kind of sound throwing the listener into the comfortable bask of the most nostalgia of dance eras, but also transporting you through a land of not just gorgeous and flowing melodies, but darker and more electro/big beat themes. Quenching the much needed thirst of variety in music is real. Fortunately this one man act from Cardiff, UK provides that needed relief, and it's just as good as the first sip of that poolside summer strawberry daiquiri. Fasten your seat belts for a daytime coastal cruise and boom box poolside stereo goodness, 'Get Some' will have you satiated just as much as…Well. I had mentioned those curvy bronzed babes.

'Pastel Pink and Baby Blue' is a fitting and beautiful opener/intro track for Get Some, one that transcends imagery of Molly Ringwald in an electro discotheque. Doing the Molly Ringwald. A poignant and thoughtful melody combines effortlessly with a crunchy 8-bit sound that creates a sonic wall of 80s themed romance scenes. Impressive and colorful composition that has piqued and primed my ears for more Stallone. And this summer cruise has just only begun.

'Super/Sexy/Summer' delivers a timely sensation of sun, love, and drinks for the summer season. A beautiful arpeggiated synth filters in and gives way to an Orbital like beat and synth lead, reminiscent of some really great 90s tinged and themed dance music that has been shelved and forgotten. 'I've purposely taken myself back to the early 90s where I began to discover music, films, and girls. I've tried to inject some of that into the album. But it also has some of my most recent experiences in there, such as trips to Mauritius and Miami.' Stallone Jones knows music, as he manages to revisit a feel and nostalgia of a better time in dance music. The song crafts into an anthem of sorts, while an appropriate breakdown allows the momentum to regroup as the track culminates in a full on banger with a UK style vocal sample. Full on ear candy and one of my favorites on the album.

'Naked Polaroid' follows suit with a gritty, pulsating electro bass line and accompanying breakbeat, setting the scene for an ominous, exploratory track. Stallone Jones really switches gears and dots this gem with finessed and detailed synths. A playful and perfect balance between the dark vibes and the arpeggiated lead play into a memorable track that demonstrates Stallone's ability to venture far outside the box of synth wave/outrun, and carve a sound that combines elements of the best into one sound, and the result is spectacular. I love this track dearly.

'Slut Drop', I can't write the name without a chuckle, it only plays into exactly what Stallone wants. An unapologetic dip into the world of babes, dancing and I would dare say a pole to enable 'Slut Drop' activation. That's one of the best things about his tracks and this release, it really is up to the listener to create the visions for the track. A breakbeat blazes through with marimba, tropical sounding synths and an intermittent vocoder. The hi-hats pick up and the pulsing electro bass ramps up in intensity, creating a wonderful buildup and wall of sound that is nothing short of awesome. Fantastic track, and wonderful in the car with the windows down.

'Pool Pong Party (Mauritian Sun)' shows a more restrained version of Stallone Jones, and it's an emotional ride displaying layers of talent and influences. A smooth, delayed synth fills the speakers with a comfortable and soothing melody. I really like where this is going. Laid back drums compliment and a lead synth layers on top that will send chills through the body of any listener with 80s sensibilities. I hear a Roxy Music sound, the only thing missing is some Brian Ferry-esque vocals. A gorgeous track that has inspiration and meaning behind it. Stallone Jones tells me his recent trips to Miami and Mauritius inspired him for the smoothed out sound in this track, encompassing both awe and beauty. Without hesitation my favorite track on the album.

Suzy has the moves. As she walks down the beach men trip and spill drinks behind, yeah she knows she has it. Any guy lucky enough to talk with her can check off the bucket list for life. 'She's Got the Moves' is a catchy track that touches on the 90s sounds Stallone Jones is so familiar growing up with. A breakbeat/electro sound blasts through with a confident move while synths dance in the background. The track has a nice break where a beautiful lead emerges and the track regains momentum into an addictive, playful melody and beat creating images of sweet Suzy showing all her moves. This is one for the win, no one is getting their hands on my Suzy.

'Heaven Is A Bikini' is truly a fantastic arrangement. Stallone manages to artistically blend everything melodic about 80s inspired music and create something momentous and enjoyable. I'm hearing Orbital melodies that send you to the top of the highest mountain with emotion, as the synth work on this track is extremely detailed. I'm blown away at his ability to tap into such powerful grooves and note placement. The track breaks down and builds back for a crescendo full of vibrancy and life. I love this track, and it came in a close second for best on the album.

'South Beach Skatin'' is a banger. A dark, Crystal Method like baseline emerges with a driving beat and puts me back into the best electro from the 90s with a fresh, unique patent that feels current and even updated. Haunting and mysterious sounding synths top the darkness and come together for a sound that will get you dancing. Stallone Jones has a great ability to insert quite a few elements into each of his tracks, but never so much that it's overwhelming or too much. This piece is a perfect example of that, as the restraint and bass/synth sound choice is perfect.

Fractals of light from the disco ball hit her eyes. It's past 12 AM. Bodies gyrating on the dance floor while the deep, pulsating breakbeat and 808 percussion deliver one of the most impressive tracks from Get Some. 'Ladyboy' blends together (effortlessly) some wonderful elements spanning several genres for a track that will have you singing the melody long after it's over. It's confident. It's sexy. It was also hard not to place this as perhaps my favorite track on the album. My only reservation is the length. It's such an awesome track, I truly wanted a break down and monumental return with that ominous vocoder punching through such a timeless tune. It's emotional. It's raw. OK, fine I'll stop talking about 'Ladyboy'. It really is that good.

'VHS Voyeur' is a beautiful ballad that couldn't be more fitting for the end of this long summer journey. Full of pensive and thoughtful melodies, the sensual and sexy synths layer on top of a paced out rhythm that creates a more introspective and deeper side of Stallone Jones. Building up slowly and culminating in quite a powerful piece, this could be considered his chef d'oeuvre. The moans, oohs and ahhhs spilling over the track signify the end of this Stallone Jones ride. He lets you down slowly with the greatest amount of satisfaction and pleasure. Now it's your turn to make him breakfast in bed.

Get Some is truly a stellar release, one packed full of emotions, thought, and above all execution. Stallone Jones has mastered his sound, drawing from influences and themes dear to his heart, and it's more than evident throughout each of his tracks. Whether it's hot poolside days where the sun seem endless, or tucked away in the beach side cabana taking care of business, he manages to evoke such a wide variety of scenarios in the mind of the listener. Oh and the album cover. Well. That's the FIRST reason you should buy this album, after listening there are so many more. He also has a proficiency for melodies, layering, and above all…songwriting. The tracks are clever, original, unique, and ones I could hear in the background while I work or in the forefront on my stereo or in the car. That's a sweet balance to have, nothing too daring and nothing too bold. Except, well for that subject matter. Get Some? I just did.

So what's next for Stallone Jones? 'I'm already working on new tracks which will become the next LP. I would imagine that will come out early next year. I might possibly release a 4 track EP before then, but I've already got big ideas for the next album. This time round it'll feature more vocal based tracks.' Get Some is available through 30th Floor Records and is available here and the album comes very highly recommended by Synthetix.FM.

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