Saturday, June 15, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I've been on a little break and have now returned with more rockin good times from the world where the 80s still rules.

There are going to be some minor changes to the updates from now on. Due the massive, and growing, amount of music being released I've had to make a decision about whether I try to cover absolutely everything relevant or whether I focus more on the music that stands out from the pack. The latter has been my choice as this site is always going to be a quality over quantity affair. When I review an EP or an album I want it to be the full Synthetix Experience and the only way I could cover more music is to radically change how I write about the music I review and that's something I don't really want to entertain.

This will result in a slight restructuring as my weekly reviews are going to be at the most two per week and the Weekend Updates will be subject to more filtering. Some EPs are also going to be covered in the Weekend Updates but the focus of them will still be giving a priority to rockin new producers on the scene. I want to make Synthetix.FM 100% reflective of the best of the 80s inspired synth scene and I hope this new formula makes the Synthetix Experience and even more refined and relevant to my readers.

Without further ado let's get rockin with your brand new Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM!

Professor Zonic Zynth keeps on teasing his radical new tunes primarily through his YouTube channel but he seems to be coming around to letting his adoring fans now own some of his music legitimately. His recent piece 'Speedin' Bully' is purely golden Zonic Zynth magic with the melodies and production are glowing with 80s authenticity. This is available to buy on his Bandcamp page through the link in the player and be sure to check out 'Ashley's Theme', which the Professor has also made available for purchase.

Some seriously radical sounds from Dreamwave Dave now and his new track 'Temp: Mastered Version' which I'm assuming is a 'work in progress' title. This producer loves pushing new ideas and his music into new directions, with this track we find more of a distilling of his sounds into a huge elements that remain uncomplicated but full of 80s brilliance.

Mulperi is back and rockin the scene with his very impressive new experience 'Rainbow In The Night'. The delicate formations of this composition are orchestrated to perfection with warm of each melody casting mesmerising spells over the listener. This gentle and thoughtful tracks displays a great deal of growth and refinement in Mulperi's music.

Nowtro is new producer introduced to me by Synthetix faithful Craig Packman and I'm very happy he did. Nowtro's latest track 'Neon Marathon' has absolutely glorious melodies and a structure that delights in every second of it's duration. The music is augmented by a slight modernity but this just emphasises the 80s magic of the piece even more. A superb track from this rockin new producer.

It's always a red-letter-day when there's a new Amazing Police track shared to soundcloud and 'Feel That Promise' exemplifies why this producer is one of the most exciting on the scene. The Amazing Police sound pushes a dreamy synthwave vibrancy while the soundscape becomes punctuated by exciting and unpredictable passages. Totally rockin in every way imaginable.

One producers who's sounds are always right on point for authenticity is Palisded and her new EP VHS Dreams gives an insight into the creative mind of this producers 80s sounds. The production lends itself to the bleakness of the tracks making a Cold War era electro synth atmosphere drive the melodies and emotions. Each track has an 80s minimalism to it which makes the elements very pronounced and allows Palisded to create emotional vistas that remain succinct throughout. 'Midnight Madness' is definitely one of the stand out tracks on this release with it's early 80s grimness contrasted by the high energy percussion. Unfortunately this EP isn't  available for purchase until the 7th of October when it will be up on iTunes, Juno and Beatport but I'll be sure to mention this release again when it's finally out. Until then these beautiful sounds will have to suffice on soundcloud in their full form although 'Midnight Madness' is currently available for FREE download.

'Pulse 80' is a new producer of rockin 80s sounds from Russia and he's proving to be a very exciting talent. His soundcloud has numerous 80s inspired pieces well worth spending some time with while his new track 'Midnight Escort' finds him in a more ambient and soundtrack themed space. For only being two minutes long this track certainly packs in a great deal. Its the kind of piece you could imagine taking five minutes plus to fully realise it's potential but even in this short, possibly work-in-progress for it's stunning to behold.

Poko Cox keeps on rockin hard with his latest song 'Electricity'. This artist continues to develop his own sound space with a personality all it's own and this song is possibly his strongest yet. High energy rhythms and vastly entertaining instrumentations really push the Rad Meter into the danger zone. This song is off his forthcoming Beginning EP which I'm champing at the bit to experience.

Gina Calabrese is a totally rockin new producer making emotional charged 80s inspired synth. Her new track 'Shadow In The Dark' brings to mind an ethereal romantic soundtrack which follows a lush path of emotional passages. The melodic refrain in this track combined with the haunting ambience makes for a wonderfully intimate soundscape. Loaded with melodic synthcerity 'Shadow In The Dark' is one delightful journey.

Sternrekorder's back with more golden tones of classic 80s synth in his new experience which is, I think a live jam he's recorded and shared. I'm always in rapturous love with the way Sternrekorder fabricates his pieces and to hear this magic in live session is totally k-rad to the max. The narrative is rich and full of surprises, which is to always be expected with this fine producer.

More hot new producer's keep making the scene and Steel Sky definitely knows how to make totally rockin 80s synth gold. His latest track entitled 'Mirage' is a pounding anthem with smoothly constructed melodies and a soundscape that forms majestically from glowing remnants of civilisations past and futures yet to be told. Many thanks to Lothar Poeller for enlightening me to this kick arse new producer.

One of the most exciting things to happen in the 80s inspired synth scene over the last few weeks was the return of early synthwave pioneer D/A/D. I've been a huge fan of this composer's sounds over the years and his triumphant return is to be applauded. His latest piece, 'Orion Beach' is absolutely beautiful from it's synth melodies to it's shredding guitars. This artist has always had a insightful understanding of how to make the 80s rock and it warms my heart to get to experience new musical frontiers from the imagination of Day After Discovery.

The long build up to the release of Arc Neon's next opus is almost over. To tease this release even further is this totally rockin new and heavily stylised preview for 'Blood Sport 2092. Arc Neon's new work has an incredibly detailled thematic they've built around the experience which is sure to provide us with huge amounts of thrills and excitement.

To finish of this Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM we have a spectacular new compilation from the rockers at New Retro Wave. This release is packed with incredible new tracks from the scenes most kick arse producers including Rain Sword, MegaDrive, Starforce, Perturbator, Highway Superstar, Silenx, Mulitpac (!!!) and many, many more. This is a must-own release and is definitely one of the best compilation releases of 2013. All this rockin action and it's FREE!! Get on it and rock it ASAP!

That wraps up this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back with some more killer tunes from the 80s inspired synth scene during the week ahead. Until then, as always, stay 80s and keep on rockin!

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