Saturday, June 1, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Another totally kick arse compilation has been released to celebrate the first anniversary of Telefuture Records. This label has been instrumental in bringing to light many talented producers in the last year including scene favourites like Garth Knight, Makeup & Vanity, Le Cassette, Collins, Arcade High and Rolly Mingwald, amongst others.

One: A Telefuture Compilation presents all new tracks from these artists and many more at a 'name-your-own-price' point on their Bandcamp page here. Make sure you grab a copy and support this fantastic label.

Now, let's rock the latest Synthetix Weekend Update!

First up is a totally killer new track from Final DJ's. 'Flash In The Night' is a return to the classic 80s synth sounds for this duo, flavoured with a modern dancefloor energy. This is one half of their latest EP, with the their piece 'Los Angeles' providing the other side. This FREE EP is available through the link the player, so get it switched on ASAP.

Foreign Blade is building the momentum for his new release Electric Dusk rapidly by sharing two tracks from it this week. 'Night Life' was my favourite of the two, but Crystal City is also very impressive. This smooth twilight synth piece is perfectly executed with an understated ambiance that is tremendously engaging. I'm definitely looking forward to the release of Electric Dusk, which is at this stage still un-dated.

Fantastisizer is back with a moody new morsel of synthtacular sounds with his latest 'The Dark Sun'. Minimalist in presentation but also full of character and personality I love the narrative that builds throughout this piece. It's thought provoking and delightfully introspective from beginning to end.

DigitalNativeDance is spreading his creative wings into some seriously sensual synthscapes with his latest experience 'Ocean Drive-Through'. The languid nature of this track is completely enthralling, time begins to slow and the sights and sounds of the seaside begin to permeate through. Sublimely orchestrated with every element working together in perfect symbiosis. This is currently available for FREE download currently.

Keeping on the same track, but moving into more urban surrounds is 'Take The D-Train' from the always rockin Amazing Police. Melodies are are vibrant and colourful against a buckled down funk bassline. The mid point break down and consequent rebuilding is absolutely k-rad to the max.

Another rocker who's got the funky flow this week is Rutger Megahertz and his teaser for a new track called 'Tension'. The sparse synthscape reverberates with sexual tensions and teasing glimpses. The experience is still to be fully realised, but this two minute teaser is still available for FREE download.

Time for some high energy synth pop and Sady K Diskostar's totally rockin new song 'Ich Bin Nicht Wie Du'. Even being in german language this song is full of nocturnal adventures and sensual promises with a huge percussion track and synths that soar majestically with the vocals. This is the first track from the upcoming album '1981', which I hope is going to be released soon.

The Boy & Sister Alma are back with a superb new rockin track 'Tom's Cruise'. This is one hell of a ride with a totally killer guitar track and, once again, a hugely catchy chorus. The songwriting is beautiful throughout this experience and displays a great knowledge of understanding what makes 80s style pop so wonderful. 'Tom's Cruise' is currently available for FREE download.

It's time to welcome Hemendex into the Synthetix.FM family with their new song 'Faith In War'. This band from Croatia do a radical mix of New Order and earlier UK synth pop styles, and also have an excellent message to their music. There's a lot to love about the Hemendex experience and I'll be sure to  be giving them lots more love on Synthetix.FM in the future. 'Faith In War' is also available for FREE download. Be sure to check out their other rockin tunes on soundcloud too.

Bending the concepts of reality ever so slightly is the new SPF5Ø track 'フェティッシュ' which loosely translates as 'Fetish'. This vampiric cacophony of synth sounds is accented by spoken word samples and I do believe an obscure Billy Idol sample. It's riveting all the way through and it's elements of ChipTune rawness add even more intrigue. Available for FREE download at this time

While we're in the twilight zone of 80s inspired synth it's a good time to take a trip to 'Golden Pond' with Toasters & Dreams. This unsettling piece swirls synths around pointed samples from the movie On Golden Pond, while percussive drama and flourishes from other parts of the cosmos complete the soundscape. It's an uncommon combination that Toasters & Dreams manages to pull off exceptionally well. Available for FREE download, also.

I must say, I do have a penchant for the odd bit of vaporwave. It's not a style I listen to a lot, but I find it provides a delightfully engaging alternate 80s dimension. Sgreyes has taken the vaporwave pill with his new track 'Provincial Fashion' and his hazy dreamlike loops make for an interesting adventure. Sounds obtain much more clarity than the usual vaporwave fare and this adds a much more defined and solid nature to the soundscape.  Stellar work, as always, from Sgreyes.

Taking the on-ramp to excitement is the rockin new track from RF.Extreme 'Speed Daze'. The powerhouse drum track compliments the slow motion rhythm melodies incredibly well, the experience is constructed with the right amount of questions and answers throughout the narrative. It's simplicity belies it's energy and that's what makes it rock so very hard.

We're already up to Version 4 of Lost Years new experience 'The Other Side Of You'. The last couple of revisions really expanded upon the initial ideas and through this current incarnation we're told a much deeper story. The Lost Years soundscape is always so precisely engineered, this piece really makes that pinpoint sharp dynamic of the Lost Years experience a priority.

A rare treat from Professor Zonic Zynth as he has shared his track 'Contact' as also being a FREE download. This producer is near the top of my short list of producers who I really think need to release a full album, which will hopefully occur sooner rather than later. Getting back to 'Contact' we're taken on much more ambient space themed excursion that hypnotises with it's melodic refrains and dazzles with it's otherworldliness.

Our final piece in this week's Weekend Update is a compendium of free tracks previously released by synth romance raconteur Rain Sword. This is a must-have release for all fans of quality 80s inspired synth music and goes a great way to solidify Rain Sword as one of the true artistes in the field. These eleven tracks  encompass many and varied genres of vintage sound and all are filled to overflowing with golden neon 80s magic. Pick this up through the player or click here to go directly to Rain Sword's  Bandcamp page.

That does us for another rockin Weekend Update. I'll be back during the week with more good times and great rock'n'roll but there won't be a Weekend Update next weekend, I'll be having some time away but will be back with more radical action the following week.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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