Thursday, January 25, 2018

The End Of Synthetix.FM

After a year away from Synthetix.FM I've decided to end this project.

I think passionately written music reviews in 2018 are becoming irrelevant as the divergence of the music market means everyone's an expert on what they like and are happy to trust the now ingrained music discovery systems like Spotify to keep them entertained. A site like this seems to be out of step with current trends and although a nice reminder and piece of history for the 80s inspired synth scene I don't see any continued relevance for the site in the current state of how people experience new music.

I started things off with some ideas and a passion to grow the audience for the music I loved and I'm happy to have witnessed much of what I always wanted to come true. If Synthetix played even a small role in getting producers out of their bedrooms and playing live to real audiences then that's all the success I require from this project.

Over the last year I've definitely lost the drive to share music to any kind of audience. I've not listened to much new music at all in the last year, mainly the odd new AOR release and then going back to 80s and 70s music that's new to me or music I've not experienced for a long time. I don't feel any need whatsoever to hunt for new music and don't crave for it in the slightest. Music's curently something I enjoy just for me and that's more than enough. Which is still quite a novelty to me after spending five years listening to music as a filter for what was going to be promoted on here.

I hope your experience with Synthetix.FM, in whatever capacity, has been a positive one. I'd like to thank all the contributing writers and Marko Maric and his team for everything you've brought to the 80s inspired synth scene by giving your valuable time, love and passion. I think that's really the loss here. People working together to do something greater than an individual can accomplish. Finding like minded souls who want to share that love for nothing more than making that love bigger.

I wish you all the best on your own individual musical journeys, whatever you may be listening to.

I hope it inspires passion and love and continues to glow that beauitful pink neon that we all know is the true colour of music.

Keep on rockin.


  1. You've been a great help to a huge amount of people, Rick. While i am sorry to see an end to new articles here, i can easily understand how you feel. Tbh, you have done this longer than i, or most others, could have endured, and you deserve to be able to focus on your own music enjoyment, and any other things you have put off, or needed more time for. =]
    I'm always available over on FB (as much as i hate it), so say hey here and there.
    All my best, bud ^_~

  2. Greatly appreciate your work over the years. I know blogging is part diary, part masochism, but also an outpouring of love towards the subject you enjoy. You've done more than just about anyone in following and covering synthwave. Please feel good about that time spent and keep those archives alive as people like myself will discover your journals and work and see them as the treasure trove they are.

  3. As freewave said, people like me will find your articles, diaries and reviews and discover music through this blog so it wasn't in vain. You did more than most do sharing your discoveries. This is a treasure trove for synth-minded people like me. One can feel your love and enthusiasm for the music shines through every post like a neon light in the pitch black abyss of internet. Tonight I will rave to this music sending good thoughts your way, hope you can feel it. Space be with you, - MBP

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