Saturday, November 12, 2016

Synthetix Sundays

It's another huge special even this week on Synthetix Sundays as this week Marko presents the Dark Lords of Synth Special Volume 3, only on Radio Pure Gently!

There'll be a special segment dedicated to the very best in dark synth and slasher wave music featuring this monstrous interviews with some of the premier dark lords in the scene as Marko performs ritualised madness with Surgery Head, Volkor X and GosT!

This week there will be also be a very special edition of Quality Time With Shithouse featuring Marko and I chatting to Chris (Savage House/Sakura Night/Rio Blast/Sunset Cruisin' and a host of others!) and Shelby (Tanimura Midnight/Triobelisk) who were the men behind the legendary MOTU compilations, Ghost Car Records and Swedish Columbia Records about their past, present and future.

Plus a special segment with Jazzi Marzcat and also Synthetix Spotlight and two super exclusive tracks to premier from Dream Fiend and D.notive from the up and coming soundtrack from The Summoner, available  Friday 18th of November at Lazer Discs Records. As well as yet another exclusive track from Slicarus featuring Vampire Step-dad!!

Expect a tonne of hot tunes and loads of giveaways too in one hell of an epic show!

Tune in to Synthetix Sundays LIVE on Radio Pure Gently here, at 10pm Perth, Australia time. Please click here to find out when this is in your part of the world. As always the fully downloadable show will be posted here on Monday.

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