Saturday, May 7, 2016

Synthetix Sundays

Marko's back with a hot new episode of Synthetix Sundays to thrill, chill and cure your ills!
So swallow the pill and say you will rock it until time stands still! Only on Radio Pure Gently!

This week's show is a thoroughly ridiculous SEVEN hours of amazing music and sterling interviews with Marko chatting to FM-84 and Dream Fiend about their totally rockin new releases.

Regular segments with Paul Dress2Kill Daly, Quality Time With Shithouse and Dallas' Synthetix Spotlight are sure to keep entertained, informed and excited!

Copious amounts of giveaways and the hottest music from the last two weeks are going to rock you to the core. Be sure to have an emergency crew on standby; cause after seven hours of this intense pleasure you'll be sure to need medical attention!

Tune in to Synthetix Sundays LIVE on Radio Pure Gently here, at 10pm Perth, Australia time. Please click here to find out when this is in your part of the world. As always the fully downloadable show and featured Quality Time With Shithouse tracks will be posted here on Monday.

Quality Time With Shithouse feature tracks:

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