Thursday, September 24, 2015

Aeternus Dynatron

By James Mann

Sonic. Powerful. Mesmerizing. These are qualities any artist carving their path would strive to achieve. Unlocking the passage way to another audio dimension and in the process stunning anyone fortunate enough to listen is not particularly easy. In a world brimming with musicians and producers, discovering the best sounds can put you through quite the journey. You really have to keep listening until those discoveries are reached. Searching for that elusive path full of melodies, arrangements, and percussion commanding every sense and offering a such a refreshing take into the world of synthesizer based music, traversing through a range of moods and in the process genuinely creating a unique sound is no longer hidden.

Aeternus, the latest full length album from Dynatron is here. A truly incredible release, giving us the signature sound you may have been familiar and accustomed with his earlier work, but now returning with innumerable triumphant touches. This is next level, defining a new high and achievement in music making. The epic arrangement takes you into a beautiful world of melancholy melodies, offering a perfect and sensible balance of hope and progress. It really is a journey, one with careful and meticulous crafting, track placement, and production. There's such power, momentum, and thought behind each track, this is truly a stunning piece of work. Evoking strong imagery of space, exploration, and perseverance, Aeternus delivers some of the most gorgeous work to come from the Dynatron project. Without reservation a contender for release of the year.

'Hyperion Sunrise' emerges with a pulsing wall of sound, a strong blend of Dynatron sounds that set the scene perfectly for a beautiful and lengthy journey. An emotional progression builds, as we hear the warmth and fullness culminating in a sense of isolation and beauty. It's quite a hard balance to achieve, but the note placement and building blocks of the Dynatron sound allow you to feel both. A fitting opener, and sets the energy so nicely for the rest of Aeternus.

'Aeternus Theme' is a stunning track, immediately firing off a powerful blend of synth work indicative of Dynatron's finest. A slow, driving beat behind a blend of warm and almost Kyoto like synths yields to a pulsating arrangement. A thoughtful synth lead dots the landscape and evokes visions of space and a journey far away from home. The sensibilities and production value of Dynatron are incredible, almost effortless sounding and yet so rich and detailed. The crafting continues with a guitar adding to the orchestral arrangement. I can already tell this is in fact some of Dynatron's finest, and he's already on that new level.

'The Outer Rims of Traversed Space' is a cinematic masterpiece. An elegant blend of darkness and beauty combines for a memorable track that could situated in the background of a science fiction or action movie. There is a sophistication in the dynamics of Dynatron, builds and riffs that gain momentum to culminate in a track pulsing with emotion and care. I'm overcome with a sense of sadness and wonder, as this spacious and paced out work allows you to ride the waves of space and beyond. That elusive trail and astral audio dimension is here, and the results couldn't be more sublime.

'Towards the Island Universe' is another powerful arrangement, combining a driving darker melody, almost horror influenced with sweet, roomy synths making for a thoroughly enjoyable track. The percussion and toms are strong, and a sample emerges mid song which only adds to a dimension of space, evoking strong imagery of the lone astronaut with black void surrounding, and nothing but a radio transmission from light years away. The track regroups, and with some tasteful guitar work the room and speakers are filled with a wondrous and beauteous sound. That wall of Dynatron encapsulates me in emotion and thought. A particularly strong track, and one of my favorites on the album.

'Fluorescence of the Cepheids' delivers a carefully crafted intro full of darkness and wonder, building into a mesmerizing arrangement with a driving beat and superb synth touches. An orchestral choir of synths add to the blend, and arpeggiated lines scatter over the rich sound, creating a soundscape of mystery and uncertainty. Dynatron has an effortless way of tapering down rhythms and melodies, only to rejoin and build in such a creative and fascinating way. This allows you to keep undivided attention, as the master of all things synthesizer knows exactly how to approach arrangement. Executed flawlessly and one of the best on Aeternus.

'Out There' is a haunting arrangement, one that instantly sent chills up my spine. Dynatron taps into a deep feeling of sadness and beauty, using simple yet effective layering to tell a story of heartache and loss. These are the melodies that embody everything you need and want from an emotional piece. Unraveling layers of feelings through wonderful side chaining of synthesizers creates such a roomy, spacious feel. One of my favorites, I only wanted this arrangement to last longer. It really is a stunning piece.

'Descend' is a lush, detailed track creating visions of galaxies, space and time. The arpeggiated melodies and progressions are highly emotional, sending the listener into a place of amazement and fascination. Detailed crafting and synth choices fit for the perfect match and blend of instrumentation. The track breaks down just under two minutes and delivers some of the most beautiful work I've ever heard from Dynatron. Almost tear inducing, the melodies are so deep and personal it's hard to imagine an artist could tap into such feelings. Perhaps I am being too partial since I've been a fan for quite a while, yet I must say this is primo Dynatron and would sell any synth lover as a fan as well. The music that accompanies the most powerful moments in life with a soundtrack of this in the background. Without any doubt my favorite track on the album.

'Travelling the Wastelands' is an epic journey through the spacious and open sounds of Dynatron. Layered, rich work builds for a monumental synthscape reminding me of a peaceful and serene place. Wind textures and somber notes take me away for a ride that's other worldly, then again the machine known as Dynatron can't possibly be from ours. That signature beat reminiscent of 'Stars of the Night' kicks in and the Dynatron machine is speeding towards infinity. This monster of a track collapses into one of the sweetest mood evoking arrangements imaginable. I feel finally at peace, encompassed by elements of love and the unknown. The wonderful thing about his music is mastering your own interpretation of the sounds, which have an ability to put you into thoughtful and pensive moods, but conversely moods of elation and also sadness. Genius. Top track.

'Not of This World' is one of the darkest tracks on Aeternus, and blends almost a metal edge against a balanced synth based track. This particular song propels the listener into the darker side of Dynatron, as driving and unapologetic synth bass transport you to an ominous place, while a grungy guitar reinforces the mood. I really enjoy this one, as it demonstrates an ability for this artist to slip outside any notion of a "signature sound". Clever and deep, this is definitely a strong track.

'Escape' is a stunning track, certainly one of the strongest on the release and one I feel showcases the finest talents of the Dynatron machine. Beautiful melodies carry an incredible mood, one of positivity and happiness throughout the composition. Melodic synths dance over a rich backdrop of lushness and percussion for intuitive buildups that make this one of the most enjoyable works on Aeternus. The synth lead is almost angelic, I feel wonderful when hearing those notes. Perfect placement and an incredible arrangement. I can feel the love and craft behind this.

'Hypersonic' is a journey far away from home. Isolating melodies and feelings of remoteness cover this beautiful piece. It has the depth and layers that allow you to get completely lost in the sounds. Powerful and superbly produced drums and synth work combine for a tour de force in audio achievement. I could imagine leaving the universe and having this play, allowing for a sense of comfort and confidence…..not fear. There's is something to be said for melodies that allow you to face fear with out reservation, but only determination. Perhaps one of the only artists I have ever encountered in the scene who can compose such work. Although you may be alone in Hypersonic, you don't have to rely on anyone else but yourself. It's a beautiful thing. Top contender for best track and a strong second place.

'A Beacon From Home' is such a sweet return from Aeternus, marking the end of a long and powerful journey through space and time. A combination of eerie, analog like effects with triumphant brass oriented synths create a fitting and proper resolution. Powerful and strong, Dynatron manages to land you with care and consideration. Gorgeous and comforting, I couldn't imagine a more appropriate finale.

Aeternus is an album for the ages, and one of the most powerful and lasting albums I've heard in a long time. Rich, beautiful and deep, the textures and songs covered demonstrate a deep proficiency in sound from the genius known as Dynatron. He manages to steer you through a universe of love and sadness, facing uncertainty as the explorer at points and always delivering the confidence you need to pull through on his space journey of sound. I am blown away with the crafting and care he puts into the tracks, and creating a signature sound so unique he has almost created his own genre of cinematic space synth. He has a remarkable ability to deliver such sophistication in his music, that any synth lover would be well served to take a listen and elevate yourself and your tastes to the next level of music making with Aeternus.

The album is released through Aphasia Records and is available in the usual array of digitally downloadable formats on Bandcamp here. Aeternus is a Synthetix Reference Experience from beginning to end, setting a new benchmark for deeply engrossing and involving soundtrack oriented synth music that pays beautiful homage to vintage synth sounds while adding a polish and attitude that is wholly contemporary.

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