Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pengus's Victory Lap

By Rick Shithouse

Pengus has really made a lot of people, including myself, sit up and take notice of his music throughout 2015. This producer has an innate ability to coerce, kindle and then set ablaze any melodic passage into a searing fireball of 80s rockin action.

Although he has a new record coming out soon (with Phaserland and Matt Kwid in tow) kicking some serious Library inspired arse he's been kind enough to bestow upon his adoring public a new four track EP entitled Victory Lap; an expedition into the 80s high life and excitement the way only Pengus knows how.

The supremely glossy finish on the Pengus sound is brought right up front and flashing across the grid in the high octane title track. Heavily accented percussion and synths that breeze along like they were engineered by Hiroshi Kawaguchi himself make for a thrilling opening experience. The real strength of the piece, as with much of Pengus's work lies in the leads and solos he seems to effortlessly compose. Be they synth or guitar the leads are superbly written and performed and are always firmly rockin an 80s groove.

And grooves are laid down at a casual canter in the follow up track 'Krung Thep'.You just can't help but have your spirits lifted and your soul inspired by the airy, light passages that are then taken to fever pitch levels of excitement as Pengus intimates gloriously verdant solos and leads in rapid succession before he comes back down to earth.

There are very, very few producers in the 80s inspired synth scene that really rock the level of 80s energy Pengus commands so authentically. It's not just the leads and  riffage but also in his choice of elements and how he gives them importance or nonchalance throughout each track. The creating of spatial moods and narratives in 'Sturmfrei' is sublime as the perfect tonal balance of sounds come together as one soulfully groovin' ray of synth sunshine.

Finishing off the EP with the delightful Library chintz of 'Fat Cats' is sure to leave you hankering for more. The pan-flutes are only the beginning as Pengus explores all kinds of funky dimensions of sound. Watch any episode of How It's Made with this as the background music and feel the 80s magic enrapture your soul.

Future City Records presents Pengus's Victory Lap EP on their Bandcamp page here in the usual array of digitally downloadable formats. Pengus has once again shared some absolutely stunning music with us, and for those of us who yearn for synth solos and worship at the altar of 80s stock and Library music this is beautifully warm and invigorating breath of fresh air and comes very highly recommended by Synthetix.FM.

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