Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pilotpriest: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I'm a big fan of 'concept' work in the 80s inspired musical genres. I think the nature of 80s synth music lends itself beautifully to a theme or mood spread over an array of tracks. Much like the classic Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis albums that worked a concept over an entire album while encompassing so many moods and visions the modern take on this music does itself huge favours when a concept is used. Pilotpriest has released a new epic that takes the definition of what defines a concept album and makes it his own in a very special way.

This album is entitled Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and it's track names consist entirely of 80s movie titles. All the music is original compositions, which I'm imagining, has been inspired from said movie's they're named after. What we have here is twenty five (yes, 25) tracks that are one mans reflections on a decade, compiled into one blockbuster experience.

The sheer volume of pieces combined with their own individual intricacies and microcosms makes this a soundtrack to the 80s itself. It's taken many months for Pilotpriest to get this together, and upon a full listening it feels more like a life's work. There is meaning and depth to each and every work on here, delicately composed melodies and deliberately layered soundscapes making each track a new experience and a new chapter in the story.

The variety of sounds and moods all have common themes that bring life to each one, underlying feelings that radiate and resonate throughout the entire record. To say this album is a masterpiece is a not strong enough. This album is an experience that is entirely individual. The massive amount of music combined with the artistry and evocations of each track makes for a record unlike any other I've had the pleasure of listening to.

I also love that I've been hearing numerous pieces off this over the last six months, it's been like see short trailers for a movie that ignites a spark in your imagination and sets fire to the possibilities of what could be in store for you. And like any great movie you experience by the time it gets to the end, you're ready to rewind it back to the start and experience the magic all over again.

Pilotpriest's Original Motion Picture Soundtrack should be in everyone's music library. It's an album full of familiar friends, new faces, exciting locales and sumptous vistas. All this for only 99¢ on Bandcamp makes this the biggest bang for your entertainment buck possible. Get your own copy of Original Motion Picture Soundtrack here and make sure you tune into to Pilotpriest's soundcloud here for the next exciting episode.

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